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Christine Flowers is a Philadelphian who loves the Eagles but can leave the cheesesteaks. She writes about anything that will likely annoy the majority of people, and in her spare time practices immigration law (which is bound to annoy at least some people.)

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3/17/2019 Fox News Host Tucker Carlson Shouldn't Apologize
3/10/2019 Democrats Fail to Take Stance Against Anti-Semitism
3/5/2019 A Reminder of America From Inside an Immigration Office
2/25/2019 In Robert Kraft Case, Don't Forget Who the Real Victims Are
2/18/2019 Class Warfare Driving Ocasio-Cortez and the Rest
2/10/2019 For This One Sentence, Trump Earns Praise
2/5/2019 One Reason Why Some People Voted for Trump
1/29/2019 Andrew Cuomo Rejects the Fundamental Values of His Faith
1/21/2019 Toxic Masculinity is a Myth
1/13/2019 Why I'm Ready to Buy a Gun
1/7/2019 Memories of an Unforgettable Man
12/16/2018 Women's March Organizers Need Divine Inspiration
12/2/2018 A Final Salute to a Good, Decent Man and Statesman
11/25/2018 Betsy DeVos Deserves Credit for New Rules
11/18/2018 Longing for the Comforts of Home This Thanksgiving
11/11/2018 Jeff Sessions Deserved Better
11/4/2018 Why Trump Shouldn't Mess with Birthright Citizenship
10/28/2018 Trump Calls For Common Sense on Gender
10/15/2018 Graffiti By Social-Justice Warriors Was a Hate Crime
10/7/2018 When We Officially Abandon Civil Discourse
9/30/2018 Kavanaugh Creates #MeToo Moment For Accused Men
9/23/2018 Bert and Ernie Supposed to Teach ABCs, not LGBTQ
9/17/2018 America Has Always Been Great
9/9/2018 Watching Brett Kavanaugh, and I Like What I'm Hearing
9/3/2018 Some of the Many Priests Who Did Good, Not Evil
8/26/2018 The Hypocrisy of #MeToo and Female Solidarity
7/29/2018 What the Fairy Godmothers Gave Me
7/15/2018 Most Children Just Want To Go Home
7/10/2018 Will There Be a Supreme Court Justice Who Looks and Thinks Like Me?
7/1/2018 Thank God Justice Kennedy is Stepping Aside
6/24/2018 I'm Conservative, But Don't Assume You Know What I Believe
6/17/2018 Jeff Sessions' Asylum Decision Hurts Women Most in Need
6/10/2018 Tragic Celebrity Suicides Should Be a Reminder to Listen
6/1/2018 Name-calling Other Women Makes Samantha Bee the Other C-word
3/25/2018 Protecting One Group's Rights Can End Up Harming Another
2/25/2018 One Republican Senator Setting a Good Example
2/9/2018 It's Madness to Surrender in the War on Drugs
11/3/2017 NYC Attacker Was Here Legally. So Why Attack Immigrants?
9/29/2017 The Difference Between Kaepernick and a West Point Grad
9/18/2017 Political Correctness Runs Amok in Sports Media
9/8/2017 They'll Coming After Statues of Columbus Next
8/22/2017 The Left's Hypocrisy on Race and Charlottesville
7/31/2017 Scaramucci: The Italian Stereotype We've Been Trying to Ditch
6/28/2017 Supreme Court Strikes Blow for Religious Liberty
6/13/2017 Cosby Taking the Hit For Men Who've Wronged Women
6/2/2017 Can We Start Showing Some Respect for Melania?
5/18/2017 For Some, Immigration is a Second Chance at Life
5/5/2017 House GOP to the Sick: Suffer More
4/7/2017 On Addiction, Don't Forget Victims of the Addicted
3/26/2017 Accommodating Transgender People at Expense of Others
3/9/2017 Hypocrisy When it Comes to the Bidens and Religion
1/20/2017 Celebrate your Freedom to Oppose President Trump
1/13/2017 Navigating the Seas of Racial Differences
12/16/2016 America Turns Away as the World Ends
12/9/2016 Unsubstantiated Anti-Trump 'Hate Crime' Allegation Taints University
11/20/2016 Privileged College Kids Don't Understand
11/11/2016 Trump Told Forgotten Folks They Mattered
10/14/2016 Clinton Must Disavow Anti-Catholic Emails
9/30/2016 As Election Issues Go, Fat Shaming is a Lightweight
9/23/2016 Charlotte Protesters Aren't Patriots, They're Criminals
9/16/2016 Gary Johnson Wouldn't Appreciate My Trip to Rome
9/2/2016 Trump's Immigration Speech Sounds Good, But Rings Hollow
8/26/2016 Trump Camp's Latest Move is to Bash Catholics
8/19/2016 For My Dad, I Won't Vote for Either
8/12/2016 Donald Trump has Crossed the Line of Decency
7/28/2016 At the DNC, No Mention of ISIS
7/22/2016 The RNC Gave Us a New Definition of the Bully Pulpit
7/15/2016 Paul Ryan Reflects Real Republican Values
7/8/2016 If Nothing Else, FBI Chief Exposed Clinton's Incompetence
7/1/2016 I'm Voting for Trump to Save the Supreme Court from Clinton
6/24/2016 The Things We're Not Allowed to Compare Abortion To
6/17/2016 Parents of Gator Victim Deserve Prayers, Not Criticism
6/13/2016 Blaming 'The Other' for Orlando
6/10/2016 I Cannot Fully Forgive Muhammad Ali
6/2/2016 Mom to Blame in Gorilla Tragedy
5/26/2016 Not About Race, Yet Still Black and White
5/20/2016 Show Police the Respect They Deserve
5/13/2016 Trump's a Creep, but He's Not a Misogynist
5/6/2016 Why 'Frozen' Character Shouldn't be a Lesbian
4/29/2016 Ted Cruz, the Desperate Magician
4/22/2016 Candidate's Qualifications, Not Gender, are Most Important
4/15/2016 Politics Aside, Trump Seems Like a Good Dad
4/8/2016 Sorry, But Women Who Have Abortions are Murderers
4/1/2016 Trump's Aide Was Wrong, But It's Not Abuse
3/25/2016 Be Careful What You Ask For When Talking Trump
3/18/2016 A Miscarriage of Justice at Duke
3/11/2016 Nancy's Reagan's Mission Was Her Husband
2/28/2016 Race the Next Oscar Snubject
2/19/2016 Obama's Disgraceful Snub of Scalia
2/15/2016 How Justice Scalia Changed My Life
2/8/2016 What Republicans Get Wrong About Amnesty
2/1/2016 Authorities Got It All Wrong in Planned Parenthood case
1/25/2016 I Can No Longer Support Sarah Palin
1/15/2016 Political Correctness Taking Over Philly
1/7/2016 Sad that Obama Needs to Defend His Tears
1/4/2016 Bill Cosby and Due Process
12/21/2015 Talking Race in the Cookbook Aisle
12/11/2015 Donald Trump, the Anti-Christian
12/4/2015 I'm Anti-Abortion, Thus Anti-Murder
11/30/2015 Age of Offense Reaches New Low
11/22/2015 Both Sides Half Right on Refugees
11/16/2015 Now It's Liberals Pushing the 'War on Christmas'
11/10/2015 Undressing the Bounds of Gender Awareness
10/29/2015 Click to 'Like' Ben Carson
10/22/2015 Angry Hillary Hates All Conservatives
10/16/2015 Defining Courage
10/11/2015 Don't Let Social Media Ruin Your Self-Esteem
9/25/2015 Pope Francis and the Defense of the Unborn
9/17/2015 Miss America Wrong to Apologize to Vanessa Williams
9/13/2015 Conservative Hypocrisy on Kim Davis
8/30/2015 If Yesterday's News Came Today
8/23/2015 Debunking the 'Anchor Baby' Myth
8/14/2015 Criticizing a Woman Isn't Always Misogynistic
8/6/2015 First Anniversary Has Me Missing Mom
7/31/2015 Kids Don't Care Who Their Scoutmaster Goes Home To
7/24/2015 Planned Parenthood Revelations Disgusting
7/17/2015 Judge Not? Not a Chance
7/10/2015 Cosby Mea Culpa: I was Wrong
7/5/2015 No Legit Precedent for Gay Marriage
6/29/2015 Religious Groups Now Open to Lawsuits
6/19/2015 Frankly Rachel Dolezal is 'Passing' Me Off
6/12/2015 Jenner Not a Hero for Becoming Caitlyn
6/5/2015 Not Buying Jenner's Vanity Fair Act
5/29/2015 Shutting Down Conservative Discourse
5/22/2015 Opening the Door to Summer
5/15/2015 Politicizing a Disaster
5/8/2015 A Motherless Mother's Day
4/30/2015 What's the Appropriate Word for a Baltimore Vandal?
4/16/2015 Sometimes Genocide Really is Genocide
4/13/2015 What Not to Say About Female Politicians
4/10/2015 Avoiding Seeing Things as They Really Are
4/3/2015 Tolerance is a Two-Way Street
3/26/2015 Black (and White) Lives Matter
3/19/2015 Pawns in the Power Struggle Over Abortion
3/13/2015 Teen's Death is Our Tragedy
3/6/2015 No Compassion in Aiding Suicide
2/26/2015 Olbermann: The Once and Former King

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