Danny Tyree Biography and Archive

Controversial author Harlan Ellison once described the work of Danny Tyree as "wonkily extrapolative" and said Tyree's mind "works like a demented cuckoo clock."

Ellison was speaking primarily of Tyree’s 1983-2000 stint on the "Dan T’s Inferno" column for “Comics Buyer’s Guide” hobby magazine, but the description would also fit his weekly "Tyree’s Tyrades" column for mainstream newspapers.

Inspired by Dave Barry, Al "Li'l Abner" Capp, Lewis Grizzard, David Letterman, and "Saturday Night Live," "Tyree's Tyrades" has been taking a humorous look at politics and popular culture since 1998.

Tyree has written on topics as varied as Rent-A-Friend.com, the Lincoln bicentennial, "Woodstock At 40," worm ranching, the Vatican conference on extraterrestrials, violent video games, synthetic meat, the decline of soap operas, robotic soldiers, the nation's first marijuana café, Sen. Joe Wilson’s "You lie!" outburst at President Obama, Internet addiction, "Is marriage obsolete?," electronic cigarettes, 8-minute sermons, early puberty, the Civil War sesquicentennial, Arizona's immigration law, the 50th anniversary of the Andy Griffith Show, armed teachers, "Are women smarter than men?," Archie Andrews' proposal to Veronica, 2012 and the Mayan calendar, ACLU school lawsuits, cutbacks at ABC News, and the 30th anniversary of the death of John Lennon.

Tyree generated a particular buzz on the Internet with his column spoofing real-life Christian nudist camps.

Most of the editors carrying "Tyree’s Tyrades" keep it firmly in place on the opinion page, but the column is very versatile. It can also anchor the lifestyles section or float throughout the paper.

Nancy Brewer, assistant editor of the "Lawrence County (TN) Advocate" says she "really appreciates" what Tyree contributes to the paper. Tyree has appeared in Tennesee newspapers continuously since 1998.

Tyree is a lifelong small-town southerner. He graduated from Middle Tennessee State University in 1982 with a bachelor's degree in Mass Communications. In addition to writing the weekly "Tyree’s Tyrades," he writes freelance articles for MegaBucks Marketing of Elkhart, Indiana.

Tyree wears many hats (but still falls back on that lame comb-over). He is a warehousing and communications specialist for his hometown farmers cooperative, a church deacon, a comic book collector, a husband (wife Melissa is a college biology teacher), and a late-in-life father. (Six-year-old son Gideon frequently pops up in the columns.)

Bringing the formerly self-syndicated "Tyree's Tyrades" to Cagle Cartoons is part of Tyree's mid-life crisis master plan. Look for things to get even crazier if you use his columns.

Danny Tyree welcomes e-mail at tyreetyrades@aol.com.

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3/20/2019 Thoughts That Should Keep You Awake at Night
3/13/2019 Are You Ready for A Cashless Society?
3/6/2019 Intuitive Eating: Eat Your Heart Out, Diet Industry!
2/27/2019 Do You Deserve the Right to Repair Your Electronics?
2/20/2019 Are You Dying to Know Tomorrow's Mood Today?
2/13/2019 Are You Suffering from Awards Fatigue?
2/6/2019 Questions Nobody Wants To Hear On Valentine's Day
1/30/2019 Do You Hate Night Driving, Too?
1/23/2019 Starred In Any Porn Videos Lately? Are You Sure?
1/16/2019 Do You Have Amazing Animal Journeys To Share?
1/9/2019 Prohibition: The Countdown To 100 Years
1/2/2019 Stop Me Before I Demolish A Credit Card Machine
12/26/2018 Celebrities We'll Lose In 2019
12/19/2018 News Flash: The Apple Doesn't Fall Far from The Tyree
12/12/2018 Apollo 8, Christmas Eve 1968 and a Message for Today
12/5/2018 Tuna: A Bright Future or 'Sorry, Charlie'?
11/28/2018 Christmas Gifts For Bosses: Let The Stress Begin!
11/21/2018 Are You Washing Your Hands Correctly?
11/15/2018 Beating The Stuffing Out Of Thanksgiving
11/14/2018 Stan Lee's Message Lives On
11/7/2018 What If Comic Strip Characters Aged Normally?
11/5/2018 Veterans Day: Is It Enough?
10/31/2018 Can You Survive Another 20 Years of This?
10/24/2018 Space Force: Boon or Boondoggle?
10/17/2018 Do You Have An Irrational Fear of Halloween?
10/10/2018 Church 'Ladies Day' Now Needed More Than Ever
10/3/2018 Parents, Do You Know Where Your Love Letters Are?
9/26/2018 Antibiotics Versus Appendectomies
9/19/2018 Ready To Visit A Rage Room?
9/12/2018 Do You Hate Shaving?
9/5/2018 Mork, Taxi, WKRP: Happy 40th Anniversaries!
8/29/2018 Teens, Would It Kill You To Open A Book?
8/22/2018 Would You Move For A Better Job? Really?
8/15/2018 Middle America, Are You Ready For Your Face Tattoos?
8/8/2018 Can The Beer Industry Still Brew Up A Comeback?
8/1/2018 Will You Survive National Garage Sale Day?
7/25/2018 Naked Vacations: Yes, That's A Thing
7/18/2018 'Body Language Experts': Do They Do A Body Good?
7/11/2018 You Might Be An Irresponsible Pet Owner If...
7/5/2018 Have You Made These Blunders On A First Date?
6/27/2018 Self-Service: Where Does It Go From Here?
6/20/2018 Backyard Fireworks With Hardly Any Supervision
6/13/2018 Should College Freshmen Pick Their Own Roommates?
6/6/2018 'Grease' Turns 40! Peachy Keen, Jellybean!
5/30/2018 Downsizing: 20 Mirthful Years
5/23/2018 Vacationers Of A Certain Age
5/16/2018 Are You Suffering From Funeral Fatigue?
5/9/2018 Is Your Town Bribing New Residents?
5/8/2018 Mother's Day: The Untold Story
5/2/2018 The Royal Wedding: Something For Everyone
4/25/2018 Can You Survive Without Reading These 21 Books?
4/18/2018 Should We Lower The Voting Age To 16?
4/11/2018 Can Your Family Handle A Day Without Complaints?
4/4/2018 Help! We Need These Apps For Spring!
3/28/2018 MLK's Legacy: The Next 50 Years
3/21/2018 Your Easter Assignment: Study to Show Thyself Approved
3/14/2018 Are Supermarkets Becoming the Center of Your Life?
3/7/2018 Plastic Packaging: Is This the Beginning of the End?
2/28/2018 America's Farmers Work Doubly Hard For The Money
2/21/2018 Are You Excited About Rock 'n' Roll Farewell Tours?
2/14/2018 Are Your Old Photos a Ticking Time Bomb?
2/7/2018 Is Your House A Home Yet?
1/31/2018 Will Male Infertility Doom Mankind?
1/24/2018 Stop Misrepresenting the Statue of Liberty!
1/17/2018 Raw Water: Threat Or Menace?
1/10/2018 Sock It To Me: 'Laugh-In' Turns 50
1/3/2018 It's Winter! Get With The Program!
12/27/2017 My War On Shoelaces Marches Into 2018
12/20/2017 Did The Pentagon Act Alone In Employing UFO Hunters?
12/13/2017 Remember Nursing Home Patients At Christmas
12/6/2017 Hottest Baby Names of 2018? Don't Know, Don't Care
11/29/2017 Still Paying For Christmas 2016? Atta Boy, Clarence!
11/15/2017 The NHL Turns 100: What Lies Ahead?
11/8/2017 Thanksgiving: Have You Already Missed It?
11/1/2017 'Casablanca' Turns 75: We'll Always Have Parodists
10/25/2017 Will Your Job Be Extinct by 2030?
10/18/2017 Is 'Trunk or Treat'¯ A Halloween Heresy?
10/11/2017 The Protestant Reformation: 500 Fun-Filled Years
10/4/2017 Darius Rucker, New Experiences And You
9/27/2017 Save Your Back, While There Is Still Time!
9/20/2017 They Grow Up So Quickly - Or Do They???
9/13/2017 Gay or Straight? The Computer (Thinks It) Knows!
9/6/2017 Network TV: Does It Deserve To Live?
8/30/2017 Tired, Poor, Huddled Masses Yearning To Play Lottery
8/23/2017 Labor Day 2037: Expect The Unexpected
8/16/2017 Remembering The King of the Comic Books
8/9/2017 The Total Solar Eclipse: One Curmudgeon's Opinion
8/2/2017 Elvis: Has He Really Been Gone 40 Years?
7/26/2017 Who Knew Dogs Could Keep You So Healthy?
7/19/2017 Parking Is Such Sweet Sorrow
7/12/2017 Jury Duty: Honor Or Agony?
7/5/2017 Happy 200th Birthday, Henry David Thoreau
6/28/2017 Low-Impact Dirt Naps: Are They Right For You?
6/21/2017 Mr Tyree Doesn't Go To Washington
6/14/2017 What Boob Thought Up This Fashion Trend?
6/7/2017 Daddy, Don't You Evolve So Fast
5/31/2017 How Much Do You Hate Property Taxes?
5/24/2017 1967's 'Summer of Love': Did It Earn The Title?
5/17/2017 Star Wars Turns 40: Nostalgia And Worries
5/10/2017 Bike Stunts: Are They Safe For Your Teen?
5/3/2017 Bold Predictions For Mother's Day 2037
4/26/2017 It's A Bird! It's A Plane! It's An SUV!
4/19/2017 Have You Talked To Your Children About Marijuana?
4/12/2017 Stress Awareness Month: Can We Survive It?
4/5/2017 Reflections On My Mother's 90th Birthday
3/29/2017 Sears, Kmart, Malls: My New Worry List
3/22/2017 Happy 75th Birthday To Capitol Records!
3/15/2017 Will The Nation's Truckers Be Replaced By Robots?
3/8/2017 Let's Applaud History's Greatest Teenagers
3/1/2017 Senior Discounts: Boon Or Menace?
2/22/2017 Do Obituaries Really Have To Be Polite?
2/15/2017 Are School Newspapers Hanging By A Thread?
2/8/2017 Presidents' Day: Untold Stories Abound
2/1/2017 30 Valentine's Days: Where Did The Time Go
1/25/2017 Should Silencers Be Easy To Obtain?
1/18/2017 Tyree Blows His Top Over Ringling Bros.
1/11/2017 Save Our School Talent Shows
1/4/2017 Bothering Employees After Work Hours
12/28/2016 New Year's Resolutions Have A Tragic History
12/21/2016 Would You Like To Keep Talking After Death?
12/14/2016 Embrace Those Tidings Of Comfort and Joy
12/7/2016 The Grinch Turns 50!
11/30/2016 Pearl Harbor: The 75th Anniversary
11/23/2016 Tyree Demolishes The 25 Greatest Inventions of 2016
11/16/2016 Will The Election Ruin Your Thanksgiving Dinner?
11/9/2016 Mandatory Adult Education: Is That Our Future?
11/2/2016 Puberty, Abstinence Talks And Other Gray-Hair Producers
10/26/2016 Will The 50th Annual CMA Awards Be Politicized?
10/19/2016 The Great Pumpkin Celebrates 50 Sincere Years
10/12/2016 Near And Deer: Watch Out For Collisions!
10/5/2016 The Historic Preservation Act: 50 Fun Years
9/28/2016 National Newspaper Week: This Time It's Personal
9/21/2016 Parenting With Precision: Are We There Yet?
9/14/2016 Are You Dying To Write A Goodbye Letter?
9/7/2016 Alumni Football: There Is No Spry In 'Team'
8/31/2016 Hey, Hey It's The Monkees' Golden Anniversary
8/24/2016 Star Trek Turns 50
8/17/2016 Another Confederate Symbol Bites The Dust
8/10/2016 This Column May Be Monitored For Quality Assurance
8/3/2016 Have You Thanked Your Physical Therapist Today?
7/27/2016 World's Final VCR Produced
7/20/2016 Vacation 2016: The Tyrees Do Dollywood
7/13/2016 Rest In Peace, King of the Hobby Magazines
7/6/2016 Recreational Walking: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly
6/29/2016 U.S. Bicentennial Turns 40!
6/22/2016 Best And Worst States For Children Revealed
6/15/2016 Will Hollywood Officially Switch To Artificial Intelligence?
6/8/2016 Father's Day: Things Your Dad Never Told You
6/1/2016 Married 25 Years - And Loving It
5/25/2016 High-Tech Profiling Has Your Number
5/18/2016 Would President Hillary Clinton Spill Area 51 Secrets?
5/11/2016 Should Corporations Sponsor National Parks?
5/4/2016 Decoration Day: Yes That's Still A Thing
4/27/2016 Honoring History's Greatest Moms: The Third Attempt
4/20/2016 How Long Before We Start Taxing Churches?
4/13/2016 Shakespeare's Death: The 400th Anniversary
4/6/2016 Animal Lovers: The ASPCA Turns 150!
3/30/2016 Would You Hire Someone To Break Up With Your Lover?
3/23/2016 Sobering Study: Is Moderate Drinking Overrated?
3/16/2016 Easter: The Next Generation
3/9/2016 Are Expired Foods Your Future Diet?
3/2/2016 Tornado Research Isn't Just Whistling Dixie
2/24/2016 Parents, Learn That Teen Slang - If You Dare
2/17/2016 Fantasy Novels: Proceed With Caution
2/10/2016 Get Enough Sleep - Or Else
2/3/2016 Will We Recognize The Sports World In 25 Years?
1/27/2016 Politicians' Candid Thoughts on Black History Month
1/20/2016 Fear-Free Veterinary Clinics: Barking Up The Right Tree?
1/13/2016 Needed: Songs That Age With The Listener
1/6/2016 Oregon Civil Disobedience: Will It Spread Nationwide?
12/30/2015 The Top Stories of 2016: You Saw Them Here First
12/23/2015 Does Anyone Else Hate Doing Inventory?
12/16/2015 Christmas 2016: The Planning Begins Here
12/9/2015 Star Wars Part VII: The Farce Awakens
12/5/2015 Lennon Fans: 35 Years Later, We All Shine On
12/2/2015 Save Our High School Referees
11/25/2015 Good Grief! A Charlie Brown Christmas Turns 50
11/18/2015 America's Grand Ole Opry Turns 90
11/11/2015 In The Market To Rent A Mom?
11/4/2015 Our Nation's Veterans: Why They're Special
10/28/2015 Is This The Secret To A Happy Marriage?
10/21/2015 Can The Experts Rescue Halloween?
10/14/2015 Everyone Should Help With Teen Read Week
10/7/2015 My Dog Ate My Blueprints
9/30/2015 Where Is Queen Esther When We Need Her?
9/23/2015 Are You Kicking Yourself For Ignoring Footgolf?
9/16/2015 Boy, I Miss the TV Class of 1965
9/9/2015 Oldest Galaxy Discovered: Why It Matters
9/2/2015 Is Your Church Approaching a Milestone?
8/26/2015 Labor Day: 12 Random Thoughts
8/19/2015 Is Mankind Really Ready For Super Hearing?
8/12/2015 Should Men Wear Shorts In The Office?
8/4/2015 70 Years of Perspective on Hiroshima and Nagasaki
7/29/2015 Has Your Car Been Cyber-Attacked Yet?
7/22/2015 Are Adult Coloring Books Right For You?
7/14/2015 Atticus Finch Jumps The Shark???
7/7/2015 Vacation Bible School: The Untold Story
7/1/2015 Cosmetic Procedures: Are You The Holdout?
6/24/2015 Personality Tests: Jobseekers Beware!
6/17/2015 The Tyrees Do Disney World!
6/9/2015 Father's Day: 14 Random Thoughts
6/3/2015 Magna Carta: The 800th Anniversary
5/27/2015 Singing Those Graduation Blues
5/20/2015 13 Things Reader's Digest Won't Tell You
5/13/2015 Amish Romance Novels: Is That Even A Thing?
5/6/2015 Coming Soon: Letters To The Gene Editor?
4/29/2015 Mother's Day: Unsung Heroines Get The Spotlight
4/22/2015 Are You Ready For A Diet Of Insects?
4/15/2015 Mind Your Own Biscuits -- Up To A Point
4/8/2015 The Looming Water Crisis: Cry Me A River (Please!)
4/1/2015 The End of the Civil War: The 150th Anniversary
3/25/2015 It's Not A War On Easter, But...
3/18/2015 Narcissistic Children: Can They Be Stopped?
3/11/2015 Should Nonprofits Be Taxed?
3/4/2015 US Combat Forces In Vietnam: The Fiftieth Anniversary
2/25/2015 The Sound Of Music Turns 50
2/18/2015 Are You Dying To Write Your Own Obituary?
2/11/2015 Sports Illustrated's Pluz-Size Controversy
2/6/2015 Edwin Lewis Tyree: The Untold Story
2/4/2015 Valentine's Day: No 'Tipping'¯ Allowed
1/28/2015 Technology Vs Privacy: Is Your Home No Longer Your Castle?
1/21/2015 Protest Songs: Where Has All The Common Sense Gone?
1/14/2015 Would You Pay $80 An Hour For Hugs?
1/7/2015 Medical Insurance Deductibles: Threat Or Menace?
12/31/2014 The Battle of New Orleans: The Bicentennial
12/24/2014 2015 Some Near-Sure Bets For The New Year
12/17/2014 Empty Seats At The Christmas Table
12/10/2014 Christmas Parades: Let The Fighting Begin
12/3/2014 Gone With The Wind Turns 75
11/26/2014 Let's Get Serious About Product Recalls
11/19/2014 Thanksgiving 2034: Your Sneak Peek
11/12/2014 Net Neutrality, Pet Neutrality, Whatever
11/5/2014 De-Cluttering Your House, And Other Subversive Acts
10/29/2014 Sharing The Pew With Little Green Men
10/22/2014 Halloween In The Time of Ebola
10/15/2014 Nylon Hose: Celebrating A 75-Year ‘Run’
10/8/2014 Are You Giving Enough To Charity?
10/1/2014 Pet Hospices: Teaching Old Owners New Tricks
9/24/2014 Fraternities Under Attack: I'm Not Pulling Your Keg
9/17/2014 Gilligan's Island Turns 50: A Shipwreck of A Column
9/10/2014 Will Telepathy Breakthrough Change The World?
9/3/2014 Carbon Pawprint: Should Pets Be Banned?
8/27/2014 Don't Take Truck Drivers For Granted
8/20/2014 WW II Turns 75: Things Your Historian Won't Tell You
8/13/2014 Rage, Rage Against The Editing of the Songs
8/6/2014 The Panama Canal Turns 100: A Family Affair
7/30/2014 The Wizard of Oz At 75: Memories And Might-Have-Beens
7/23/2014 Let's Not Pick A Dumbest President And Say We Did
7/16/2014 The First World War Turns 100: Time To Reflect
7/9/2014 Confidence In Government Sinks: Should We Care?
7/2/2014 Babe Ruth's MLB Centennial
6/25/2014 Family Friendly Workplaces: Careful What You Wish For
6/18/2014 ROTC Woes: Can The Enrollment Slide Be Reversed?
6/11/2014 Red Cross Swimming Lessons: Are You Drowning In Excuses
6/4/2014 Father's Day: Juicier Headlines Needed
5/28/2014 D-Day At 70: Some Nagging Questions
5/21/2014 Graduation Day: The Untold Story
5/14/2014 The 'Sharing Economy': Proceed With Caution
5/7/2014 Barbara Walters: Retiring But Not Shy
4/30/2014 Mother's Day: Here's Your Column
4/23/2014 Arlington National Cemetery: 150 Years of Service
4/16/2014 The Big Bang, The Multiverse And You
4/9/2014 Income Tax Procrastinators, Unite!
4/2/2014 I'm Batman - And I'm 75!
3/26/2014 A Sinking Feeling About Noah
3/19/2014 Beard Transplants: Yeah You Heard Me
3/12/2014 'Ban Bossy': Unintended Consequences
3/5/2014 A Letter To My Son: The Sequel
2/26/2014 'Son of God': Something For Everyone
2/19/2014 Soft Drinks: The Beginning of the End
2/12/2014 CrossFit: Working Out An Understanding
2/5/2014 Stress, Thy Name Is Valentine's Day
2/2/2014 A Tip of the Stove-Pipe Hat To Abe Lincoln
1/29/2014 Black History Month: Where Does It Go From Here
1/22/2014 The Beatles, Ed Sullivan : 50 Fab Years
1/15/2014 Winter Olympics: The Untold Story
1/8/2014 Almost Here: A Translator For Dogs!
12/31/2013 This Is 2014 - Whatever THAT Means
12/26/2013 Digital Textbooks: Are They Inevitable?
12/18/2013 Antimicrobial Soap: Friend Or Foe?
12/13/2013 Memories of My Son's First Christmas
12/11/2013 Will Eggs Become Obsolete
12/4/2013 Do Journalists Really Need Drones?
11/27/2013 Christmas Music: Best Left Undisturbed
11/22/2013 Thanksgiving Goes To The Dogs
11/20/2013 The Scarlet Hashtag: Adultery Goes High-Tech
11/14/2013 Doctor Who: A Fiftieth Anniversary Primer
11/13/2013 JFK : An Uncluttered Commemoration
11/6/2013 Psychics: Should They Be Banned?
11/1/2013 Veterans Day: Is Anybody Listening?
10/30/2013 While We're Waiting For That Baldness Cure...
10/23/2013 The Martians Were Coming, The Martians Were Coming
10/18/2013 The Boy Who Lives For Halloween
10/16/2013 Because I Could Not Stop For Minecraft...
10/9/2013 Adult Americans, Only You Can Prevent Dunce Caps
10/2/2013 Anybody Else Hate Bifocals?
9/27/2013 Recharges Good, Like a Cigarette Should
9/25/2013 Let's Address America's Wastewater Crisis
9/18/2013 Millionaires On A Food Stamp Diet?
9/11/2013 AM Radio: Can/Should It Be Saved?
9/5/2013 'Just Say Touche' Day: It's Almost Here
8/28/2013 Let's All Write America's Bucket List
8/21/2013 Are You Killing Yourself With Exercise?
8/14/2013 MLK's 'I Have A Dream' Speech Turns 50
8/7/2013 Childless Couples Do They Deserve To Live
7/31/2013 Are Pigs Smarter Than Dogs? And Should We Care?
7/24/2013 Your Car's Black Box: Friend Or Foe
7/17/2013 America, Let's Be #1 At Corruption
7/11/2013 Free College Tuition? Read The Fine Print
7/3/2013 Atheist Monuments: Taking Them Sitting Down
6/26/2013 Independence Day: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Typos
6/19/2013 Let's Have More Wrist Slap Punishments
6/12/2013 Toy Gun Buyback? Just Shoot Me
6/5/2013 Father's Day: Can It Survive
5/29/2013 Beware The Infrastructure, My Son
5/22/2013 Needed Federal Control of Garage Sales
5/15/2013 United Nations To U.S.: 'Eat A Bug'
5/8/2013 Armed Rebellion In America By 2018
5/1/2013 Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Nation
4/26/2013 RIP George Jones
4/24/2013 Superman Turns 75: Did You Notice?
4/17/2013 Are You Part Of A Zero TV Household?
4/10/2013 Rest In Peace Roxanne Tyree (1995-2013)
4/3/2013 Victoria's Secret Age-Appropriate Fun And You
3/27/2013 Hey, Is That Butterfly Spying On You?
3/20/2013 Why Can't Every Day Be Like Easter?
3/13/2013 Needed: A Break From Pollsters
3/6/2013 Candy Capitulation: Say It Ain't So
2/27/2013 Internet Piracy: Is The Free Ride Over?
2/20/2013 Sherlock Holmes And My Personal Shame
2/13/2013 Voluntary Retirement: Can You Take A Hint
2/6/2013 So God Made A Farmer: The Sequel
1/30/2013 Smoking Penalties? What About Other Obamacare Surprises?
1/23/2013 Say 'Yabba Dabba Don't' To Neanderthal Clones
1/17/2013 Spelling Bees: They Need Your S-U-P-P-O-R-T
1/9/2013 Is It Time To Repeal Presidential Term Limits?
1/2/2013 Minimum Wage: The Wizard of Oz Approach
12/26/2012 School Condom Dispensers: Do They Pass The Test?
12/19/2012 2013 Resolution: Be A Responsible Pet Owner
12/12/2012 Christmas: Has It Really Changed Over The Years?
12/5/2012 The Mayan Calendar, The End Of The World And You
11/28/2012 Angus T Jones, Filth and Boundless Opportunities
11/20/2012 #GivingTuesday. November 27. Be There.
11/14/2012 Seceding From The Union 2012 Style
11/7/2012 The President Ate My Homework!
10/31/2012 At Last: Veterans Day Comes To TV
10/24/2012 A Snooze Alarm For The Female Biological Clock?
10/17/2012 Halloween Will Never Be The Same
10/10/2012 Protestant Decline: Forever Versus Whatever
10/3/2012 Needed A Moratorium On Punditry
9/26/2012 Columbus Day: Time To Abandon Ship?
9/19/2012 2030: Will Your State Be The Fattest?
9/12/2012 Texas Speed Limit: Cause For Envy Or Alarm?
9/5/2012 Medical Marijuana: Coming In The Fall Y'all?
8/29/2012 Are You Ready For Immortality?
8/22/2012 Conservatives, Let's Save PBS!
8/15/2012 Warning: Businesses Blowing Hot Air
8/9/2012 Needed: More Curiosity On Earth (Not Just Mars)
8/1/2012 Distracted Pedestrians: Can They Be Saved?
7/25/2012 Ending Politics As We Know It
7/18/2012 Coming Soon: A Shortage of Olympic Athletes?
7/12/2012 The Internet, Mental Illness And You
7/5/2012 Hey, Teacher, Leave Them Kids' (Sunscreen) Alone!
6/27/2012 Heads Up: Remember National "Pay Attention Day"
6/20/2012 Independence Day: It Gets Worse
6/13/2012 One Town's War On Profanity
6/7/2012 Father's Day: A Survival Guide
5/30/2012 Needed: Super-Heroes For The Rest Of Us
5/23/2012 Mr Sandman, Bring Me A Dream Director's Chair
5/16/2012 Sugar: Does It Make You Dumb?
5/9/2012 Should College Football Be Abolished?
5/2/2012 Mother's Day No Ifs Ands or Buts
4/25/2012 There's Gold In Them Thar Asteroids!
4/18/2012 Older Drivers: Should They Be Tested?
4/11/2012 Rethinking "Rethinking Heaven"
4/4/2012 A Naked Face In The Crowd
3/29/2012 Titanic: 100 Years And Still Fascinating
3/21/2012 Home Alone: The Trend, Not The Movie
3/14/2012 Doonesbury, Abortion And Stuff Like That
3/7/2012 Museum of Government Waste
2/29/2012 Girl Scouts USA: A 100th Birthday Salute
2/22/2012 Are You Ready For Test-Tube Meat?
2/15/2012 Should Students Be Paid To Attend School?
2/8/2012 The US Constitution: That's So 225 Years Ago!
2/1/2012 Coming Soon: Term Limits For Employees
1/25/2012 Mom, Dad: The "Choking Game"¯ Must Be Stopped
1/18/2012 Childhood Obesity, George Orwell And You
1/11/2012 USDA Cuts: Gentlemen Start Your Salmonella?
1/4/2012 NBC's Today Show Celebrating 60 Years
12/28/2011 Online Gambling: Don't Bet The Farmville
12/21/2011 Potential Alzheimer's Drug: The Dark Underbelly
12/14/2011 Merry Christmas: The Skirmish Dissected
12/7/2011 Postal Service: Cuts Return To Sender?
11/30/2011 Santa Claus: And That's The Truth
11/23/2011 Newt Gingrich Child Labor and You
11/16/2011 Beating The Stuffing Out Of Thanksgiving
11/9/2011 Lobbyists Boon or Menace?
11/2/2011 Veterans Day: Is It Enough?
10/26/2011 Secondhand Smoke, Meet Secondhand TV
10/19/2011 Celebrities : Their Childhood Halloween Antics
10/12/2011 Save Our College Radio Stations
10/5/2011 I Love Lucy Turns 60
9/28/2011 Build It And They Will Expectorate
9/21/2011 Restaurant Playgrounds :The Sordid Truth
9/14/2011 The Buck (Nakedness) Stops Here
9/7/2011 Should The Law Stand Up For Ugly People?
8/31/2011 September 11: A Lesson Worth Learning
8/24/2011 Labor Day: Can It Be Saved?
8/17/2011 Hey Lone Ranger: Don't Be A Stranger
8/10/2011 Back To School: Opportunities and Dangers
8/3/2011 Save Our Small Towns
7/27/2011 Dr Frankenstein, Your Zoo Is Ready
7/20/2011 Book Lover's Lament: Closing The Wrong Borders
7/13/2011 Captain America: Old Glory Or New Glory?
7/6/2011 Physician Pinch Thyself: Doctors And Long Hours
6/29/2011 Are You Revved Up For Driverless Cars?
6/22/2011 Pentagon Pipedream? Beating Swords Into Starships
6/15/2011 Should College Athletes Be Paid?
6/8/2011 Father’s Day: It’s Complicated
6/1/2011 Voter Woes: Plenty of Blame To Go Around
5/26/2011 The Unemployed: Kick 'Em While They're Down?
5/18/2011 Stephen Hawking Heaven-Sent For Satirists
5/12/2011 Ban Tanning for Teens
5/4/2011 Look Away! Columnist Decimates The Civil War
4/27/2011 Mother's Day A Closer Look
4/20/2011 Boys Will Be ... Something
4/13/2011 Easter : It's Later Than You Think
4/6/2011 Raining on Prom Night
3/30/2011 He Ain't Heavy He's My Tax Liability
3/23/2011 That Comic Book Cost How Much?
3/16/2011 Killing Me Softly With Your Kibble
3/9/2011 Saint Patrick's Day: Blarney and Friends
3/2/2011 March Madness Not a Slam Dunk?
2/23/2011 Fired Up About Lost Arts
2/16/2011 Those That Can't Evolve - Teach?
2/9/2011 Time To Stop Building Prisons?
2/2/2011 Valentine Trivia : The Untold Story
1/26/2011 Hey, Tiger Moms:Second Place Happens!
1/20/2011 Pachyderms Of A Certain Age
1/13/2011 Tucson Overreaction : Putting Wimpiness In The Crosshairs
1/4/2011 King James Bible at 400 : Having Archaic And Reading It, Too
12/28/2010 Save Our Science Fairs
12/22/2010 Baby Boom Turn 65
12/17/2010 The Ghost of Christmas Pageants Past

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