Joe Guzzardi Biography and Archive

A Senior Writing Fellow with Californians for Population Stabilization, Joe Guzzardi has written columns for California daily newspapers, the Cagle national syndicate, and internet webzines for 30 years. His focus is on immigration and related social issues.

A native Californian, Joe taught English as a Second Language in the San Joaquin Valley for two decades. Contact him at and find him on Twitter @joeguzzardi19.

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12/14/2017 Swamp Insider: 'With Trump You Never Know'
12/8/2017 My Warm Winter Nights with Roberto Clemente
12/4/2017 'Help Me, Dad'
12/1/2017 Americans Can Bake Hamburger Buns!
11/14/2017 Congress Obsesses over Amnesty
11/9/2017 Should Day Baseball Return to the World Series?
11/7/2017 Why Should U.S. Have a Lottery for Citizenship?
11/2/2017 Political Correctness at the Root of NYC Attack
10/30/2017 What 65.5 Million Non-English Speakers Means For America
10/25/2017 To NFL Kneelers, Let's See a Show of Hands
10/24/2017 More Border Patrol Agents Needed to Curb Opioid Crisis
10/18/2017 There's No Argument About Babe Ruth
10/16/2017 California Wildfires Rage On, But So Does Construction
10/9/2017 California Just Forced ICE to Step Up Removals
10/3/2017 Finally! ICE Targets Sanctuary Cities
9/28/2017 The Eye-Popping Cost of Illegal Immigration
9/26/2017 Writing from the Swamp, Where Questions are Many
9/21/2017 Trump's 'Hire American' Order Has Stalled
9/18/2017 Unscrupulous Employers Fake Out White House
9/12/2017 Irma Was Devastating, But More Profound Tragedies Await
9/5/2017 Sprawl Kills – Literally
9/1/2017 A Labor Day Wish - More Jobs for Americans
8/29/2017 Missing the Point By Focusing on Arpaio
8/24/2017 Ivanka Jared Luring Donald into Immigration Swamp
8/22/2017 Trump Disbanding His Own Jobs Initiative Was a Good Thing
8/15/2017 Can You Pass an Immigration Quiz?
8/3/2017 Less Immigration Means More American Jobs, Higher Wages
7/31/2017 After White House Shake Up, Deep State on the Run
7/27/2017 Trump Voters to Prez: Kiss and Make Up with Sessions
7/25/2017 Illegal Immigrant Lawyer Hires Illegal Immigrant Lawyer
7/18/2017 GOP Senator is Delaying One of Trump's Nominees
7/13/2017 Feigned Outrage Over Trump's Election Commission
7/11/2017 Zuckerberg for President? Not on his Platform
6/26/2017 Identity Theft an Overlooked Wrinkle of Illegal Immigration
6/20/2017 Trump Going Forward and Backward on Immigration
6/15/2017 On Father's Day, Grieving Dads Left Wondering
6/8/2017 Outside the Beltway, No One Cares about Russia
6/5/2017 In the Cities and in the Suburbs, Population Booming
6/1/2017 Making California a Sanctuary for the Deserving
5/24/2017 On Memorial Day, Remembering the Values Our Soldiers Died For
5/23/2017 A Rare, Refreshing, Positive Column about Trump!
5/16/2017 'President' Kushner's Company Touts Visa Scam
5/10/2017 Trump's Base to President: 'It's Getting Late Early'
5/5/2017 Americans Yawn After Sanctuary Restaurants Close
5/2/2017 Open Borders Means More Gang Violence
4/27/2017 Trump's Bad Day
4/24/2017 'Dealmaker' Trump Flip-Flops on Dreamers
4/19/2017 Limiting Population Growth Key to a Healthy Future
4/11/2017 Trump's Immigration Grade: 'A' and 'F'
4/5/2017 What '60 Minutes' Missed About Foreign Worker Program
3/31/2017 A Final Warning to Tone Deaf Sanctuary Mayors
3/23/2017 Immigration Rallies Target the Wrong Audience
3/15/2017 Mayor Tells President Trump to Go Fly a Kite
3/7/2017 Trump's Revised Refugee Order Should Withstand Court Challenge
3/3/2017 Behind the Jeff Sessions' Witch Hunt
2/28/2017 A 'Dangerous' Change: New Sheriff Releasing Criminal Aliens
2/21/2017 Immigration Protests Often Hurt Participants
2/13/2017 An Immigration 'Hardliner' Confesses
2/10/2017 California Moves Further to the Left
1/31/2017 Keeping the Nation Safe Requires Tough Action
1/25/2017 Trump Reneging on Major Campaign Pledge
1/6/2017 Population Clock Ringing Urgent Wake up Alarm
12/29/2016 Another Job Americans Won't Do: Work on a Cruise Ship
12/22/2016 Obama, not Trump, Sold DREAMers Out
12/6/2016 Ohio State Slasher Prompts Major Refugee Questions
11/30/2016 High Noon for Sanctuary Cities
11/17/2016 About that Wall...
11/9/2016 Trump Win Predictable, but not to Pollsters
10/25/2016 Obama Throws a Bone to Enforcement Advocates
10/19/2016 Students Mock Mom Whose Child Was Killed by Unlicensed Illegal Driver
10/11/2016 Since 1990, the Immigrant Population Has Doubled in the US
9/29/2016 Americans Deserve More Substance in Second, Third Debates
9/15/2016 On the U.S. Northern Border, Increased Threats from Canada
8/11/2016 A Politically Incorrect Look at July's 'Strong' Labor Report
8/4/2016 California Not As Blue As Media Portrays It
7/20/2016 From Coast-to-Coast, Thousands Line Up for Jobs
6/13/2016 Despite Terrorism Ties, Obama Won't Acknowledge the Obvious
5/27/2016 On Memorial Day, a Spotlight on Illegal Immigrants in the Military
5/12/2016 Job-Seeking Teens Face Another Tough Summer
4/22/2016 Easing of Sentencing Laws Could Benefit Criminal Aliens
3/24/2016 Job Growth Doesn't Automatically Create Prosperity
3/10/2016 The Dark Cloud Hanging Over Obama's Jobs Report
1/7/2016 Obama Administration Admits It's Clueless
12/3/2015 Focus on Climate Change a Distraction from Terrorism
11/19/2015 Time for Obama to Reverse Refugee Plan
10/22/2015 Population Projections Should Jolt Americans
10/15/2015 One Big Issue the Democratic Debate Ignored
9/28/2015 Pope Francis' Fuzzy Immigration Math
8/30/2015 American Worker Besieged from all Sides
8/10/2015 Why Puerto Rico's Crash Matters
7/29/2015 Little Honest Discussion about Immigration and Jobs
7/16/2015 The Future of California's 50 Million Residents
7/10/2015 Time to Ban Sanctuary Cities
4/15/2015 A Dry Earth Day for California
3/11/2015 Illegal Immigration Presents Problems For Social Security
3/5/2015 Birth Tourism Industry Accelerating
2/22/2015 How Obama's Overreach Killed Immigration Reform
2/17/2015 Obama, Congress Playing Chicken on DHS Funding Bill
2/8/2015 ISIS Inside the United States?
1/21/2015 State of the Union Offers Little To Middle Class
12/9/2014 Dark Clouds Loom Over Upbeat Labor Report
11/19/2014 Shameless Degrading of US Citizenship Continues
11/6/2014 GOP Rout May Not Deter Obama's Amnesty
9/24/2014 Americans' Wages Stagnant at 1988 Levels
9/11/2014 The Only Person in Mexico Who Can't Get into America
9/2/2014 White House Doesn't Care about American Workers
8/28/2014 Four Ways Amnesty Would Harm Americans
8/10/2014 Americans to Obama: Enforcement Not Amnesty
7/11/2014 Census Data Proves Border Surge Began Years Ago
6/29/2014 One Way or Another, Central American Children Here to Stay
6/20/2014 Six Facts You Should Know About Unaccompanied Minors
6/15/2014 Comical Spin Following the Trouncing of Eric Cantor
6/2/2014 Marine Jailed in Mexico as US Welcomes Illegal Immigrants
5/23/2014 On Memorial Day, America Teeters on the Brink
5/16/2014 Politically Correct 9/11 Museum Ignores Truth
4/25/2014 Bad Penny Boehner Just Won't Go Away
4/18/2014 There Are Better Solutions Than Hiring Teachers Who Came To U.S. Illegally
4/3/2014 Non-Enforcement Name of the Immigration Game
3/31/2014 Population in LA County Hits Unsustainable Record High
3/25/2014 Slippery Road Ahead as Congress Reconvenes
3/14/2014 Ominously, White House Orders DHS to 'Review' Deportation Policy
3/7/2014 Obama as Deporter-in-Chief? Not So Fast
2/16/2014 House: Risk-Reward Calculation Dictates Amnesty Inaction
2/12/2014 Deportation Statistics: Separating Fact from Fiction
2/11/2014 Loosening Immigration Rules May Easy Entry For Terrorists
2/4/2014 Justin Bieber : How He Got Here and Why He Should Be Sent Home
1/23/2014 Gallup Poll : Americans Overwhelmingly Reject Amnesty
1/15/2014 Huge Immigration Bill Would Destroy King's Dream For Blacks And Hispanics
1/10/2014 House Leaders, Chamber of Commerce Double-Team Unemployed Americans
1/8/2014 Since the Recession Ended, US Economy Jobs' Shorfall 79 Million
1/7/2014 ABA, Law Schools Champion Comprehensive Immigration Reform
1/6/2014 California Supreme Court Grants Law License to Illegal Immigrant ; Will Other States Follow?
12/16/2013 Zuckerberg Doubles Down on Immigration; Will His Money Buy Amnesty?
12/11/2013 Since 2009, 11 Million Americans Out of Job Market; Real Unemployment 1.46 Percent
12/9/2013 Environmentally Disastrous Bullet Train May Be Dead at Last
12/5/2013 Even Record Poverty Can't Derail Immigration Reform
11/29/2013 Honest Polling Shows Americans Reject Immigration Reform Amnesty
11/20/2013 Congressional GOP Scramble to Find Votes for Pelosi
11/14/2013 October Employment Report ; Disneyland-Style Fantasy
11/5/2013 Immigration and Automation Will Leave American Workers Desperately Seeking Jobs
10/23/2013 The Worse the Job Market, the Harder the Push for Immigration Reform
10/18/2013 Jerry Brown Dictatorially Defies Federal Immigration Law
10/11/2013 Immigration Advocates Hit New Low on Capital Hill
10/7/2013 New, Compelling Evidence that More Immigration Leads to Higher Poverty
9/30/2013 Illegal Immigrant Lobby to Stage National Demand for Amnesty, Work Authorization
9/20/2013 Congress Rolls Out Carpet for Greedy Zuckerberg
9/17/2013 For California's Illegal Immigrants, a Great Week
9/6/2013 Feinstein Up To Old Tricks; Asks DHS to NOT Deport Farm Workers
8/28/2013 Labor Day : Remembering Cesar Chavez Enforement Advocate
8/27/2013 Administrative Amnesty Prospects Improve
8/8/2013 California to Release Criminals Into Overcrowded Local Communities
7/30/2013 Despite Increasing Poverty and Unemployment, Immigration Advocacy Continues
7/12/2013 Americans March for Jobs
7/10/2013 White House Intervenes Pushes for Bad Immigration Bill
7/8/2013 Senate Immigration Bill Violates Constitution; Blue-Slip Would Kill It
6/28/2013 Self- Congratulatory Gang of 8 Now Faces Reality
6/24/2013 No Amendment Will Save Senate Immigration Bill; S 744 Must Not Pass
6/6/2013 Rubio's Catch-22 : Stay in Gang or Bail to Regain Credibility
5/15/2013 Gang of Eight - Never Have So Few Told So Many Lies
5/6/2013 Senate to Rush Immigration Bill Before Unsuspecting Americans Wake Up
5/2/2013 Immigration Bill Means 33 Million More Workers ; 33 Million More People
4/17/2013 Like A Ton Of Bricks, Immigration Bill Drops In The Middle Of The Night
4/1/2013 Immigrants to March on Washington Demanding Legal Status
3/22/2013 Out of Touch, RNC Advocates Comprehensive Immigration Reform
3/12/2013 Gang of Eight Retreat
3/1/2013 For Clueless GOP, No Amnesty Upside; Staggering Costs Certain
2/21/2013 Obama Pushes Amnesty Harder ; Americans Not on Board
2/18/2013 Blacks Point Out Obvious To Obama : For Them, Amnesty Means Fewer Jobs, Lower Wages
2/8/2013 Amnesty Will Create Millions More Democrats : The Gop Wants This?
1/29/2013 Congressional Amnesty Blueprint Unrealistic Wish List for Radical Democrats
1/23/2013 Eva Longoria : Washington Power Player?
1/10/2013 Ending Birthright Citizenship Should be a Top Priority for Congress
1/8/2013 Bureau of Labor Statistics Job Deception Deepens
12/27/2012 More Immigration Equals Fewer American Jobs
12/14/2012 Group of Eight Plots to Undermine Americans on Immigration
11/28/2012 Welfare Soars, Led by Huge Increases in Immigrant Usage
11/8/2012 Change is Good -- Except in Politics Where Incumbents Always Win
10/29/2012 Playing Major League Baseball : A Job Americans Won't Do?
10/11/2012 Media Debate : Illegal or Undocumented Immigrants?
10/5/2012 While Nation Teeters on Fiscal Cliff, Immigration Policy Imports Poverty
9/26/2012 Identity Fraud Okay with USCIS - For Deferred Action Aliens
9/13/2012 Inadmissible Evidence : Immigration Hurts American Workers
9/3/2012 Obama's Big Gamble On Ethnic Identity Politics : Will It Pay Off?
8/20/2012 Immigrant Welfare Abuse, Dependency Hits Americans in The Wallet
8/6/2012 July Jobs Report: 'Worthless and Misleading'
7/19/2012 Obama and Romney Should Read The Wall Street Journal to Learn About American Job Loss
7/2/2012 US Immigration Policy : If You Catch Aliens (Unlikely) Release and Reward Them
6/26/2012 Supreme Court's Arizona Decision : Enforcement Wins (No Matter What You Read)
6/18/2012 Obama's Betrayal
6/8/2012 Dream Act, Other Immigrant Entitlements Officially Dead
5/29/2012 With Congress Willfully Blind Americans Subsidize Aliens' Tax Rebates
5/18/2012 American Workers Displacement
4/23/2012 The Crucial Hispanic Vote, Debunked
4/16/2012 On Earth Day Family Planning is the Key to a Green Society
4/5/2012 Homeland Security Announces Its Latest Alien Forgive and Forget Program
4/4/2012 California's Bullet Train a High Speed Trip to Disaster
3/27/2012 Evidence That Higher Immigration Fuels Long Term Population Growth
3/16/2012 The Discouraging Untold Story Behind the February Jobs Report
3/9/2012 By Early Spring, This Year's Summer Jobs for College Kids Are Gone
2/29/2012 White House Moves to Eliminate Funding For Immigration Enforcement
2/11/2012 Why Import Engineers?
1/25/2012 Florida, More DREAMing Even As Tuitions Soar
1/6/2012 Capitol Hill's American Worker Subversion Intensifies
12/5/2011 Last Week's Improved Economic Reports, Crunched Realistically
11/30/2011 Red Cards : The Latest Amnesty Nonsense
11/23/2011 Individual Taxpayer ID Numbers Enable Aliens To Collect Billions
11/18/2011 Soaring International Enrollments at US Colleges Bypass American Kids
11/13/2011 Republicans Debate - But Not About Immigration
10/27/2011 Napolitano's Uphill Climb Against The Facts
10/24/2011 On Immigration Both Parties Move to the Left
10/12/2011 Jerry Brown : Pack Your Bags
10/5/2011 Perry's History Lesson
9/23/2011 Perry Insults DREAM Act Critics; Nomination Chances Fast Slipping Away
9/19/2011 Bachmann Inches Up
9/16/2011 While Republicans Dawdle over Obama's Amnesty the Other Side Digs In
9/5/2011 9/11 : My Night on the Border
8/30/2011 Obama And His Illegal Alien Family
8/19/2011 Obama Stakes Re-Election on Immigration Policy
8/8/2011 Offshoring - How's it Working Out for You?
7/28/2011 Senator Schumer's Distortion : Immigration Creates Jobs
7/20/2011 Modest Proposal : Reduce the Deficit Through Strict Immigration Enforcement
7/12/2011 The DREAM Act Collides With the Real World
6/28/2011 Birth Tourism Fraud Exposed in Chinese Mainstream Media
6/22/2011 The Arizona Fires And The Conspiracy Of Silence
6/15/2011 E-Verify Opponents Tilting at Windmills -- National Legislation Coming Soon
5/19/2011 Carlos Santana American Citizen Sides with Hispanic Lobby on Jobs
5/10/2011 The Most Effective Way to End BirthTourism : Deport Duplicitous Women
4/22/2011 Incarcerated Aliens in California Increase Sanctuary Cities to Blame
3/22/2011 ICE Audits Create More Jobs for Unemployed Americans
3/3/2011 How the Student Visa Undermines American Workers
1/24/2011 California’s Staggering Multi-Billion Dollar Cost to Educate Anchor Baby Citizens
1/10/2011 Will The Senseless Act Of A Lone Gunman Also Kill The First Amendment?
12/30/2010 2011: An Immigration Enforcement Era Dawns
12/8/2010 The Dream Act - A Cynical Tool to Recruit Vulnerable Illegal Immigrants to the Military
11/12/2010 Jerry Brown : Is Small Still Beautiful?
10/21/2010 Governor "Moonbeam" Returns
9/21/2010 A Patriot American Reviews Machete
8/25/2010 Is The Anchor Baby Policy Sustainable

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