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Carl Golden is a senior contributing analyst with the William J. Hughes Center for Public Policy at Richard Stockton College of New Jersey. He served as press secretary for New Jersey Gov. Thomas H. Kean (1982-1990) and as communications director for New Jersey Gov. Christie Whitman (1994-1997). His commentary appears on editorial pages of newspapers in New Jersey and Philadelphia as well as on news websites.

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3/13/2019 Democrats Have a Socialism Problem
2/11/2019 The Green New Delusion
1/29/2019 Out of a Large Democratic Field, Can a Woman Emerge?
1/9/2019 Pelosi Keeping Loud New Progressives in Line... For Now
12/4/2018 Bill and Hillary Clinton Just Won't Go Away
11/13/2018 Acosta Flap Proves It's Time to End White House Briefings
10/11/2018 Sadly, Kavanaugh Fight Night Over Yet
9/19/2018 Not Only is a Blue Wave Coming, Its Getting Stronger
8/29/2018 How Democrats Could Hurt Their Chances in November
8/9/2018 Trump's War on the Press Won't End Well
7/16/2018 Dems at Odds Over Trump's Supreme Court Pick
6/27/2018 Civic Discourse Has Tumbled to a Shocking New Low
6/6/2018 Democrats Might Have Reason to Worry About November
5/22/2018 Robert Mueller's Investigation Plods On
5/7/2018 The Stunning Hubris of Nancy Pelosi
4/17/2018 Don't Get Too Cocky, Democrats
3/26/2018 Both Republicans and Democrats Running Against Their Leaders
2/28/2018 The NRA Is On The Run
2/6/2018 Democrats Can Only Go So Far Bashing Trump
12/28/2017 Why Trump Isn't Getting Credit for the Economy
12/12/2017 Time to Change the White House Press Briefing
11/14/2017 For Hillary Clinton, Dreams Die Hard
10/9/2017 Clinton is Flirting With Irrelevancy
9/11/2017 The Democrats Have a Hillary Clinton Problem
8/7/2017 CNN Reporter Wrongly Became Part of the Story
7/11/2017 GOP's New Healthcare Slogan: Retreat and Regret
6/16/2017 Trump's Demeanor Shouldn't Be Surprising
5/8/2017 The Hillary Clinton Rehabilitation Tour
3/20/2017 You're Allowed to Feel Bad for Sean Spicer
2/21/2017 The Fame and Failure of Kellyanne Conway
1/23/2017 A Genuine Contempt for the Media
11/29/2016 Media Unwilling to Understand Why America Voted for Trump
8/1/2016 Why the Media is Failing with Donald Trump
7/28/2015 GOP Primary Already Spinning Out of Control
5/31/2015 Christie Forced to go on the Offensive
5/13/2014 GOP Moves to Protect Itself from Itself
6/11/2013 Spying Scandal Reinforces Fears of National Gun Registry
4/18/2013 Murdered Children Less Important than Inconvenienced Gun Purchasers
3/22/2013 GOP Autopsy an Important Starting Point
1/28/2013 Shifting the Gun Control Debate From Hunting to Black Helicopters
1/8/2013 Gun Ownership and 'We Did It Because We Could' Journalism
12/5/2012 Fiscal Cliff Politics
10/26/2012 Obama Must Face The Possibility Of Defeat
10/5/2012 Sports Analogies and Debate Performances
9/18/2012 Gaffes, Cell Phones and Social Media
8/28/2012 Romney's Winning Message Down For The Count
8/16/2012 Will Medicare Be The Dominant Issue This Election Cycle?
8/1/2012 Romney Tax Return Issue Won't Go Away
7/17/2012 Obama On a Negative Offensive Against Romney
7/2/2012 'Obamacare' Decision a Test for Romney
6/25/2012 Mitt Romney, the Non-Obama

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