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Doug Patton Biography

Doug Patton describes himself as a recovering political speechwriter who agrees with himself more often than not. Over the years, he has served as a press secretary, speechwriter, communications director, campaign manager and/or policy advisor for conservative candidates, elected officials and public policy organizations at the federal, state and local level.

Since he began writing his weekly column of sage political analysis in 2001, Doug has been published in a diverse variety of publications around the country and across the web. His work has been featured coast to coast in newspapers such as the Washington Times, the Omaha World-Herald and the Tampa Tribune, on such Internet web sites as Human Events Online and, and on national radio shows, including those of Sean Hannity, Mike Gallagher, and Quinn and Rose, to name just a few.

Here is what others have to say about Doug Patton’s work:
"In times like these, we need more unapologetic and principled conservative voices such as Doug Patton—a bold and articulate writer. You should include him on your list of must reads." —David Limbaugh, syndicated columnist and bestselling author

"Doug Patton writes with a keen eye for Americanism. I read him often because he connects well-known incidents of history to current events, giving relevance and clarity to changing times. We connect because Doug is a full spectrum constitutional conservative and an advocate for American exceptionalism." —Congressman Steve King, R-Iowa

"Almost since the launch of our web site back in 2000, GOPUSA has been proud to publish Doug Patton's work. Doug's conservative analysis of issues, his experience in the political arena, and his exceptional way with words make him one of the finest columnists writing today." —Bobby Eberle, PhD, President & CEO,

“Doug Patton writes from a refreshing perspective. His commentary is innovative, logical and straightforward. His style is enveloping—it pulls you along, always wanting to read more. Doug makes you stop and think. No commentator in today’s contemporary public policy journalism is as artful with the English language and as forceful in philosophy of government.” — Hal Daub, former U.S. Congressman and Mayor of Omaha, Nebraska

Doug and his wife, Pam, a nationally known watercolor artist, live in Nebraska, in a 100-year-old home built by Pam's grandfather. They have two grown sons and five young grandchildren.

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3/2/2014 RIP Doug Patton - beloved husband, father and columnist
2/5/2014 Where No One Locks The Door
1/30/2014 No Reason To Spend The Evening With BHO
1/23/2014 Cuomo Puts A New Spin On An Old Mantra
1/16/2014 Did Orwell and Jones See Google and Obama Coming?
1/10/2014 Rodman The Perfect Representative For Obama Diplomacy
12/23/2013 Our Hope Remains In Embracing The True Spirit Of Christmas
12/18/2013 Iowa Caucuses Will Not Elevate Paul Ryan to The Presidency
12/12/2013 The Enemy of America is Obama's Friend
12/5/2013 Liberalism is a Religion; Hatred is its Sacrament
11/26/2013 Why I'm Thankful in 2013
11/20/2013 The Fifties Ended on November 22, 1963
11/14/2013 GOP Should Not Be Part of Democrat Hypocrisy
11/7/2013 Passing Thoughts on the Random Scene
10/24/2013 Obamacare Tantamount to Pixie Dust
10/16/2013 Who Will Tell Obama He Has No Clothes?
10/9/2013 Obama's Thuggish Behavior, Part II
10/3/2013 Stunt at WW ll Memorial Shows More Evidence Obama is a Thug
9/27/2013 Obamacare : At Least Dems Are Willing to Fight for It
9/12/2013 Guess Where Those Chemical Weapons Came From Mr President
9/5/2013 The Most Embarrassing President of My Lifetime
8/29/2013 Middle East Mess May Be Exactly What Obama Wants
8/28/2013 MLK Would be Embarrassed By BHO
8/21/2013 Chris Christie Should Switch Parties
8/15/2013 PC Orthodoxy is Destroying America
8/7/2013 Five Years Later, Obama Again Blames Bush
8/2/2013 We Need More Steve Kings in Congress, Not Fewer
7/24/2013 Once a Weiner, Always a Weiner
7/17/2013 Obama, Zimmerman, and Race in America
7/3/2013 Surrendering Privacy From Cradle To Grave
6/26/2013 America Has Ceased To Be Great -- or Good
6/19/2013 Where Are All The Courageous Liberals -- But I Contadict Myself
6/13/2013 Guess Who Is Behind 'Conservative' Radio and TV Ads
6/6/2013 A Congressman With Guts Takes on Obama
5/29/2013 Michele Bachmann, One Of Our Best
5/23/2013 The Danger in DC Is Bipartisanship
5/16/2013 IRS Scandal Another Reason Why We Need The Fair Tax
5/8/2013 American Pravda, A Nation of Lawbreakers and Benghazigate
5/1/2013 More Evil Than Nazi Germany
4/24/2013 Will Rubio Become Yet Another Candidate For Whom I Cannot Vote?
4/18/2013 Witnessing the Death of Liberty
4/10/2013 The Gipper and the Iron Lady Tower over Today's Leaders
4/3/2013 Welcome to Margaret Sanger's Brave New World
3/27/2013 Will John Roberts Betray Us Again?
3/20/2013 Red State Governors Should Be Careful What They Wish For
3/13/2013 McCain and Graham Irrelevant or Dangerous
3/6/2013 Grandpa, Tell Me Again About Freedom
2/27/2013 Obama's Sleight of Hand on Display Again
2/20/2013 What Part of Shall Not Be Infringed Is Hard to Understand?
2/13/2013 Gun Violence Victims Not the Only Ones Who Deserve a Vote
2/6/2013 Here Come The Drones
1/31/2013 Rest in Peace, Boy Scouts of America
1/24/2013 Another Clinton Lies Under Oath
1/16/2013 OneThird Of A Generation Gone in 40 Years
1/9/2013 Unlike Romnesia Obamasterics a Serious Malady
1/2/2013 The View from the Bottom of the Fiscal Abyss
12/27/2012 Newtown A Microcosm Of Government Failure
12/20/2012 If Ever We Needed Christ in Christmas, It Is Now
12/12/2012 Right-To Work In Michigan : 24 Down 26 To Go
12/5/2012 One More Component in Electing a Conservative President
11/28/2012 Will We Ever See Another Conservative President?
11/19/2012 Why I'm Thankful in 2012
11/14/2012 Petraeus' Testimony Will Make Little Difference
11/7/2012 John Galt Calling : Had Enough?
10/31/2012 Meanwhile, Back in Benghazi
10/24/2012 Reviving Hillary's Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy
10/17/2012 When the Cheerleaders Referee the Game
10/10/2012 It's Come Down to Benghazi and Big Bird
10/4/2012 Romney Shows Up; Obama Phones It In
10/3/2012 This is Why We Take Our Constitution Seriously
9/19/2012 Romney Must Do More
9/12/2012 Jimmy Obama, Meet Your Worst Nightmare, Ronald Romney
9/5/2012 Money and Things Do Not a Great Nation Make
8/29/2012 And It's Romney-Ryan in a Landslide
8/22/2012 If I Ran a Super PAC
8/15/2012 Obama's Campaign of 'Division, Anger and Hate Turns Violent
8/8/2012 Lies, Filthy Lies and Obama Lies
8/1/2012 Marriage, Free Speech and Chicken Sandwiches
7/25/2012 100 Million Gun Owners Didn't Kill Anyone Last Week

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