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Cited by the Columbia Journalism Review website as one of the nation's top political scribes, and by ABC News' online political tip sheet as "one of the finest political journalists of his generation, " Dick Polman is the national political columnist at Philadlephia NPR affiliate WHYY, and has covered or chronicled every presidential campaign since 1988.

A Philadelphia resident, Dick roamed the country for most of his 22 years at The Philadelphia Inquirer. He has been blogging daily since 2006. He's currently on the full-time faculty at the University of Pennsylvania, as "Writer in Residence." He has been a frequent guest on C-SPAN, CNN, MSNBC, the BBC, and various NPR shows - most notably Philadelphia's "Radio Times" on WHYY-FM.

Read all of Polman's column at Newsworks.org, and email him at dickpolman7@gmail.com.

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3/6/2019 Welcome to the Watergate Era 2.0
2/26/2019 The Trump Regime Wants to Believe the Earth is Flat
2/18/2019 Fealty to Trump or the Constitution?
2/5/2019 Chris Christie is Desperate for Any Piece of the Action
1/29/2019 Five Takeaways from the Farcical Trump Shutdown
1/15/2019 Border 'Crisis' Distracts Us From the True National Emergency
1/10/2019 If President Hillary Clinton Had Stormed Out of a Meeting...
1/1/2019 A Dirty Dozen Trump Trivia Quiz
12/25/2018 Are Republicans Finally Smelling the Trumpster Fire?
12/21/2018 Should There Be a TV Ban on Kellyanne?
12/11/2018 The Republican Election Fraud that Trump Refuses to Tweet About
12/4/2018 Before He Was 'Kinder, Gentler,' Poppy Bush Pioneered TV Ad Lies
11/19/2018 The Ridiculous Democratic Rebellion Against Nancy Pelosi
11/7/2018 Blue Wave Meets Red Wall: Split decision for a Divided Nation
10/30/2018 Trump Sows the Wind, Reaps the Whirlwind
10/3/2018 There's One Big Loser in the Kavanaugh Fight
9/24/2018 Republicans Determined to Alienate as Many Women as Possible
9/12/2018 All Talk, No Action: A Republican Metaphor
8/26/2018 Democratic Diversity is Making America Great Again
8/2/2018 Donald Trump and 'The Death of Truth'
7/25/2018 Lots of Tips on How to Live Sanely in Trumplandia
7/10/2018 Trump Buys Survival Insurance From Brett Kavanaugh
7/3/2018 Hey, Democrats: It's The Supreme Court Stupid
6/19/2018 Will Trump's Kid Cruelty Sink the GOP in November?
6/12/2018 Trump Envies 'Love' for North Korean Dictator
5/23/2018 Four Reasons Democrats Could Lose the Congressional Midterms
5/16/2018 The Profiteer- in-Chief Goes belly Up for China
5/3/2018 Rudy and His Fox News Farce
4/19/2018 Missouri's Republican Sex Scandal is Way Better Than Trump's
4/11/2018 The GOP's 'Hollow Men': Spineless in the Face of Crisis
4/5/2018 Trump's Latest Headache is in Wisconsin
3/22/2018 The Austin Bomber was a White Christian. Ban Them All!
3/14/2018 On Pennsylvania Trump Turf, a House Seat Goes Blue
3/7/2018 Team Trump Braces for More Stormy weather
3/1/2018 President Trump is Coming For Your Guns
2/11/2018 Yes, a Republican Running for Congress is Also a Nazi
1/25/2018 Trump and His Toadies Don Tinfoil Hats
1/17/2018 Wolff's Book Resonates Because Trump Keeps Confirming It
1/10/2018 On Immigration, Trump is Rudderless
12/29/2017 President Trump in 2017: A Pop Quiz
12/13/2017 Kudos to Our Saviors in Alabama
11/30/2017 Remember When Matt Lauer Was Trump's Chump?
11/10/2017 Trump Goes Belly Up In China
10/30/2017 Trump's Apologists Couldn't Care Less About Indictments
10/26/2017 Senator Versus Demagogue, and History's Verdict
10/19/2017 'Fake News' Exposes Trump's Swamp Creature
10/11/2017 Republicans Decide Sex Harassment is Very, Very Bad
9/27/2017 Meet the New Face of Republican Extremism
9/19/2017 Hillary is Right about the Mainstream Media
9/13/2017 An Ignorant America Endangers Democracy
9/6/2017 Should Democrats Do a Deal for the Dreamers?
8/31/2017 Big Government is Bad Until Red States Need Help
8/24/2017 Beat the Press: Trump's Survival Strategy
8/17/2017 CEOs to Trump: You're Bad for Business
8/11/2017 Still Waiting for Trump's Tweet About Mosque Bombing
7/27/2017 When the Chips Are Down, 'Maverick' McCain Shoots Blanks
7/13/2017 What Will it Take for Republicans to Say Enough is Enough?
7/6/2017 Trump's Media Flunky Thought He 'Walked on Water'
6/29/2017 JFK's Advice for Trump About the Press
6/23/2017 Republicans Take from the Poor, Give to the Rich
6/15/2017 Let's Play Ball on Gun Reform
6/8/2017 What Republicans are Ignoring About Comey's Testimony
6/1/2017 Trump Bridges the Partisan Divide. Just Not Ours
5/18/2017 Yet Another Impeachable Offense
5/10/2017 Trump's Totally Predictable Tuesday Night Massacre
5/3/2017 In Defense of The New York Times' New Climate Skeptic
4/18/2017 Trump's Broken Promise Could Break Another Promise
4/5/2017 Is Bill O'Reilly Too Big To Fail?
3/29/2017 Moscow on the Potomac
3/9/2017 A Big Little Lie From Fox-Trump Media
2/23/2017 No, Obama is Not Plotting a 'Treasonous Coup'
2/15/2017 Republicans Have Lost Their Appetite to Investigate
2/2/2017 On the Supreme Court, Democrats Simply Lost
1/26/2017 Will the Men in the White Coats Drag Trump Away?
1/19/2017 Too Sleazy Even for the Trump Swamp
1/12/2017 Trump is Sabotaging His Own Presidency
1/4/2017 Can Megyn Kelly Thrive Outside the Bubble?
12/27/2016 The Latest Lie From Trump's Alt-Reality
12/13/2016 Six Questions for Trump About Russia
12/7/2016 Should Democrats Become the Party of No?
11/17/2016 Beyond the Beltway, Democrats are Even Worse Off
11/9/2016 The Primal Scream for Trump and What It Means
11/3/2016 Jefferson/Adams was the Clinton/Trump of It's Day
10/26/2016 Wait, We're Talking about Utah?!
10/10/2016 Donald Trump: The Banana Republic Candidate
9/21/2016 Crooked Don's Slush Fund and the '16 Double Standard
9/13/2016 The Seniors Running for President Should Cough Up Their Medical Records
9/7/2016 Trump's Real Pay-to-Pay Scandal Ignored by the Media
8/31/2016 How False Media Equivalency is Benefiting Trump
8/25/2016 Let's Chew on the New Clinton Foundation Nothingburger
8/18/2016 Roger Ailes and Donald Trump Deserve Each Other
8/11/2016 Hillary Clinton's Transparency Phobia
8/4/2016 Can the GOP Nuke Its Own Nominee?
7/28/2016 Donald Trump Profited From 9/11
7/22/2016 Donald Trump's Fact-Free Marketing of Fear
7/13/2016 Take a Breath, Folks, 2016 is not 1968
6/29/2016 Goodbye, Benghazi Sleuths. Take Your Tinfoil Hats.
6/24/2016 Is Brexit a Harbinger of Trumpism?
6/16/2016 Worried Trump Can Beat Hillary? Don't Be.
6/14/2016 After Orlando, 3 Words Republicans Refuse to Utter
6/8/2016 Clinton Makes History, While Trump Mops His Mess
5/31/2016 Trump Hits New Low With Attack on 'Mexican' Judge
5/25/2016 Take a Wild Guess Which Political Party is Imperiling Babies
5/18/2016 Trump Loves the Taste of Bernie's Sour Grapes
5/12/2016 The Normalization of Trump Has Begun
5/4/2016 Abe Lincoln Must Be Rolling Over in His Grave
4/27/2016 Hillary Can Show Bernie How to Lose With Grace
4/20/2016 Hello? Earth to Bernie Sanders?
4/15/2016 Feeling the Bull: Bernie's Biggest Con
4/6/2016 The Rising Odds of Republican Chaos
3/31/2016 Trump's Just Winging It, and That Should Scare Everyone
3/30/2016 Scalia Dies, Unions Win
3/24/2016 The Politics of Terror in a Climate of Fear
3/17/2016 GOP Gapes at its Existential Crisis
3/10/2016 Hillary's Autumn Vulnerability
3/3/2016 Trump is Same GOP Racism Without the Dog Whistle
2/28/2016 Mitt isn't Exactly Superman
2/16/2016 Trump and the GOP's Identity Crisis
2/10/2016 New Hampshire's Populist Primal Scream
2/9/2016 Rubio's Brain-Embedded Computer Glitch
1/25/2016 The Most Idiotic Reactions to the Poisoning of Flint
1/15/2016 Ted Cruz Made Donald Trump Look Good
1/6/2016 Obama Gun Reforms vs Republican Gun Servants
1/4/2016 Bill Clinton's Sexual History? Really? Again?
12/28/2015 The Temptation of Donald Trump
12/16/2015 Fright-Wingers Compete to Freak Us Out
12/11/2015 The Soiling of Lincoln's Legacy
12/9/2015 What's the Republican plan for beating ISIS?
12/7/2015 A Key Shift for Obama in ISIS Address
12/2/2015 Fear Not, Trump Will Still Crash and Burn
11/30/2015 White Domestic Terrorist Says 'No More Body Parts'
11/22/2015 Suspected Terrorists in America are Free to Buy Guns
11/20/2015 Ben Carson and the Comedic Farce of 'Lotagate'
11/18/2015 GOP Islamophobia is Back With a Vengeance
11/16/2015 Is Hillary Ready for ISIS?
11/13/2015 Starbucks Cups and the Internet Idiocracy
11/11/2015 Trump May Take GOP Down With Him
11/6/2015 Why Legal Pot Went Down in Ohio
11/3/2015 Now Republicans are Debating Their Debates
10/28/2015 A New Planned Parenthood Committee!
10/20/2015 Trump Drags the Republicans Back to 9/11
10/15/2015 Hey Democrats, What About Congress?
10/9/2015 House of Clowns
10/6/2015 The Scandalous Suppression of Gun Violence Research
10/1/2015 Clintons Remain Lucky to Have Such Hapless Enemies
9/22/2015 Dead Man Walker's Urgent Plea to the GOP
9/15/2015 Bernie Sends A Strong Message to Hillary
9/7/2015 Fox News busts Dick Cheney
9/2/2015 Obama Haters' Heads Detonate over 'DenaliGate'
8/26/2015 Will Joe Biden 'Feel the Tingle?'
8/20/2015 Planned Parenthood and the Queen of Hearts
8/13/2015 Trump to the Defense of Planned Parenthood?
8/6/2015 Congress Too Gutless to Raise the Gas Tax
7/28/2015 The War Against Planned Parenthood
7/22/2015 Scott Walker Versus Science
7/15/2015 Scott Walker's Delusion
7/7/2015 Yet Another Right-Wing Obama Freakout
6/26/2015 A Great Day in History
6/23/2015 A Ray of Hope in the Confederacy of Dunces
6/12/2015 Just Be Glad You Don't Live in Kansas
6/3/2015 Conservative Trolls Go After Beau Biden
5/28/2015 Bernie Sanders is Bad News for Hillary
5/22/2015 Debate Dilemma: How to Cull the Republican Herd
5/14/2015 Ten Billion Bucks for a Presidential Race?
4/16/2015 Chris Christie Has Gone to Pot
4/15/2015 The GOP's High Demographic Hurdles
4/9/2015 Why Rand Paul is Doomed to Lose
4/3/2015 Obama and Iran: The Upside of Talking to Adversaries
3/10/2015 GOP's Letter to Iran Flirts with Treason
3/3/2015 Hillary Gets Busted for Secrecy (Again)
2/25/2015 Bill O'Reilly Goes to War
2/19/2015 Jeb Lugs Dubya's Weighty Baggage
2/12/2015 Bob Simon: 'A Reporter's Reporter'
2/4/2015 Vaccine Politics: Bowing at the Altar of Ignorance
1/13/2015 On Elizabeth Warren, the Bright Shiny Object
1/8/2015 On French Massacre, Fox News Stays in Character
12/16/2014 Thank Ted Cruz for the Surgeon General the NRA Hates
12/3/2014 Jeb Bush's Shakespearean Rumination
11/11/2014 Guns on the Ballot: Voters 1, NRA 0
10/30/2014 Boehner suing Obama: Whatever Happened to that Stunt?
10/21/2014 Why are Americans So Czar-Struck?
10/14/2014 Fresh Evidence How the Supreme Court has Screwed Up Politics
9/30/2014 D.C. Statehood: Praise for a Lost Cause
9/24/2014 Christie's Big Problem isn't the Bridge, it's the Economy
9/11/2014 Clueless Pundits Cluck About Domestic Violence
9/9/2014 50th Anniversary of the TV Ad that Changed Politics
9/2/2014 Will Obama Cost Democrats the Senate?
8/26/2014 Obamacare, the Incredible Shrinking Campaign Issue
8/19/2014 Michael Brown Had Pot in His Blood!
8/14/2014 Hillary and Obama Hug It Out, Whatever That Means
8/12/2014 Ebola Ignorance and the Marketing of Fear
8/7/2014 Why Won't Obama Fire the Liar?
8/5/2014 Meet the Summer's Dumbest GOP White Man
7/31/2014 Governor for Sale
7/30/2014 Here Comes the 2014 Midterm Electiozzzzzz
7/22/2014 A Plane is Shot Down. What Would Reagan Do?
7/15/2014 House GOP's Hilarious Strategy is Born to Lose
7/8/2014 Idiocracy Think Obama Visited a Mosque on July 4
7/1/2014 Buffer Zones for Hypocrite Justices
6/24/2014 The Real 2016 Battle is Between Dick and Rand
6/17/2014 Hillary's 'Dead Broke' Definition Differs From Yours
6/10/2014 Why No Mention of Domestic Right-wing Terrorism?
6/3/2014 Want Some Guns With Your Fries?
5/20/2014 Standing Up to the Climate Deniers
5/13/2014 Galileo Would Recognize Climate Change Deniers
5/6/2014 Censorship 1, Condoleezza Rice 0
5/1/2014 Fox News Fan Says Obamacare Saved His Life
4/22/2014 Keystone Pipeline Punt is Pure Politics
4/15/2014 Real Voter Fraud is Curbing the Right to Vote
4/8/2014 Mozilla's CEO and the Right to be Wrong
4/1/2014 Obamacare Haters Can't Handle the Truth
3/25/2014 Mitt Romney's Sour Grapes Tour
3/18/2014 Whining About the Koch Brothers is a Losing Strategy
3/11/2014 Climate Change Talkathon a Sign of Weakness
3/4/2014 Obama, Ukraine and Republican Amnesia
2/18/2014 Obama's Checkbook Ambassadors: Business as Usual
2/12/2014 Rand Paul's Laughable Lewinsky Obsession
11/19/2013 Thanksgiving with the Cheneys
11/7/2013 Will the GOP Learn its Election Night Lesson
7/23/2013 Political Benefits of a Royal Baby
7/9/2013 Hooray for George W Bush!
6/25/2013 Supreme Court Conservatives Shred a Civil Rights Law
5/14/2013 IRS Scandal is a Tale of Irony and Ineptitude
5/1/2013 The Gosnell Murder Trial and the Liberal 'Conspiracy'
4/23/2013 Boston Bombing: A Lame Excuse to Halt Immigration Reform
4/16/2013 Boston Bombs Prompt Twitter Toxicity
4/7/2013 Sequester Cuts: Not In My Backyard!
3/26/2013 Red-State Democrats: Profiles in Cowardice
3/18/2013 Rand Paul and the New Isolationism
3/13/2013 Paul Ryan's Fantasy Yearnings
3/5/2013 Obama's New Quest For Fat Cat Money
2/20/2013 Conservative Bad Boy Plays the God Card
2/12/2013 Why Christie's Girth is a Weighty Issue

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