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Joe Gandelman is a veteran journalist who wrote for newspapers overseas and in the United States. He has appeared on cable news show political panels and is Editor-in-Chief of The Moderate Voice, an Internet hub for independents, centrists and moderates. CNN’s John Avlon named him as one of the top 25 Centrists Columnists and Commentators.

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6/1/2015 George Stephanopoulos' Big Mistake
5/15/2015 Uncertain Times In and Out of San Diego
4/22/2015 Selfies with Killed Animals Show the Real Animal
4/9/2015 Ted's Cruise to the Far Right
3/17/2015 The Enablers of Fraternity Racism
3/3/2015 Giuliani a Reflection of Everyday Republicans
2/17/2015 Misinterpreting Brian Williams' Misremembering
2/3/2015 Bobby Jindal and the GOP's No Go Zone
1/15/2015 Is 'Je suis Charlie' an Accurate Slogan?
1/6/2015 What to Expect in 2015
12/23/2014 Get Ready for Terrorism on Soft Targets
12/2/2014 The Implosion of Bill Cosby
11/7/2014 An American-Style Sex Scandal in Canada
10/29/2014 Canada's Terrorism Turning Point
10/22/2014 When 'Springtime for Hitler' Became Serious Opera
10/16/2014 Meet the Comedy Central Press
10/9/2014 New Bullying Problem for Schools: Parents
10/3/2014 The Barney Fife Secret Service
9/25/2014 NFL Gave Offenders a Pass
9/18/2014 Do 'Civilized' Nations Have What It Takes to Defeat ISIS?
9/11/2014 ISIS and the Nazis
9/2/2014 Life, Liberty and the Right of a Child to Fire an Uzi
8/25/2014 Are We Really Teed Off at Obama's Golfing?
8/17/2014 Evil Strikes Back
8/5/2014 Will The Sarah Palin Channel Rival Comedy Central?
7/17/2014 Inaccurate Political Rage is All the Rage
7/10/2014 Is America's Political Center Out to Lunch?
7/3/2014 Dr Oz's Dead End Brick Road
6/26/2014 Are the Dueling Hillary Clinton Narratives Correct?
6/18/2014 Failure in Iraq: 7 Thoughts
6/12/2014 Juan Carlos' Courageous Reign in Spain
6/5/2014 Obama Shows Vulnerability Over Prisoner Exchange
5/28/2014 The Imprinting of Elliot Rodger and Us
5/20/2014 Karl Rove: Media Symphony Conductor
5/14/2014 A Second Chance for Donald Sterling?
5/7/2014 The Flaw in Obamacare
4/30/2014 Bundy, Sterling and America's Race-O-Rama
4/23/2014 The Retro World of Vladimir Putin
4/15/2014 Fall of the House of Bush?
4/9/2014 Letterman, Hillary and Jeb: 21st Century Symbols
4/1/2014 Can Rand Paul Really Get the 2016 GOP Nomination?
3/25/2014 The Weiner Century
3/18/2014 The Attempted Typecasting of Ronan Farrow
3/11/2014 Conservatives Target Free School Lunches
3/4/2014 Putin Gives the World Half a Peace Sign
2/26/2014 Race of the 2016 Elephants Begins
2/18/2014 Are We Inevitably on the Path to Hillaryland?¨
2/11/2014 The Topsy Turvy 21st Century
2/4/2014 Chris Christie's Branding Implosion
1/28/2014 Obama's Final Turning Point
1/21/2014 Springtime for Hitler?
1/14/2014 Don't Count Christie Out (Yet)
1/7/2014 Invasion of the Political Entertainment Media Body Snatchers
12/31/2013 New Year's Resolutions for 2014
12/25/2013 Consequences, Shmonsequences in Action
12/18/2013 The Best and Worst of 2013
12/10/2013 2013: A Year of Ironies
12/4/2013 Black Friday and the Darkness in America's Soul
11/26/2013 Martin Bashir Crosses the Line
11/19/2013 Obama's Decline and the Conventional Wisdom
11/12/2013 The Comedy God Gives You Toronto's Mayor Rob Ford
11/5/2013 A Trimmer Chris Christie is Off and Running for 2016
10/29/2013 The Flight of Marco Rubio
10/22/2013 America's Political Center Fights Back
10/15/2013 The Tea Party is the Country's 'Phantom of the Opera'
10/8/2013 Who's to blame for the shutdown?
10/1/2013 The Republican Party Breaking Bad
9/24/2013 Will the Republican Party Jump Off the Political Cliff?
9/17/2013 Voters' Message: Consequences for Sex Scandals
9/10/2013 Is the Republican Party Now the Party of Peace?
9/3/2013 Watch Cory Booker
8/27/2013 Donald Trump and Miley Cyrus: Separated at Birth?
8/20/2013 The Furor Over the Rodeo Clown and the Obama Mask
8/13/2013 Sex, Lies and the Filner Headlock
8/6/2013 Bipartisan Response to Terrorism Threat: America's Fleeting Arab Spring
7/31/2013 Change is Like an Old Building
7/23/2013 A Serious National Discussion on Race (NOT!)
7/16/2013 Zimmerman Verdict Changes the Conversation
7/9/2013 Sex Scandal Consequences Ain't What They Used to Be
7/2/2013 Paula Deen's Career Indigestion
6/25/2013 Snowden's Revelations Reveal Democratic and Republican Splits
6/18/2013 Sebastien De La Cruz, Bigots and the American Dream
6/11/2013 Will America Regret Snowden's Intelligence Leaks?
6/4/2013 How Darrell Issa Undermines the GOP's IRS Issue
5/28/2013 Terrorist Attacks Not Just Failing to Connect the Dots
5/21/2013 Watch the High Stakes Political and Media Credibility Game
5/15/2013 The Second Term Curse Crashes Down on Barack Obama
5/7/2013 Limbaugh, Kurtz and the Bum's Rush
4/30/2013 Will George W. Bush and AJ Clemente Get Mulligans?
4/23/2013 Boston Marathon Bombing: Was Twitter For the Birds or Revolutionary?
4/16/2013 Boston Marathon Bombings Safe Havens and Evil
4/9/2013 Why Mike Rice Had to Go
4/3/2013 It's Jim Carrey Versus Fox News
3/26/2013 Sample Some Popular Political Whines
3/19/2013 What We've Learned So Far in 2013 Politics
3/12/2013 Rand Paul: GOP's National Salvation or Doom?
3/5/2013 Sequestration Shows Failure of America's Political Class
2/26/2013 Scoops That'll Bust This Town Wide Open
2/19/2013 America's Poop Deck Politics
2/12/2013 Horsing Around with Europe's Beef Supply
2/5/2013 America's 'Johnny Two Note' Hate and Minutia Political Culture
1/29/2013 Can the Republican Party Rebrand Itself?
1/22/2013 Will a More Aggressive Obama and a Resurgent 'Mighty Middle' Reshape America
1/15/2013 Internet's Child Aaron Swartz Becomes Collateral Damage
1/8/2013 The Republican Race for Non- Compassionate Conservatism
1/1/2013 Twelve Predictions for 2013
12/26/2012 The Best, Worst and Most of 2012
12/19/2012 Are Shooting Victims Collateral Damage Sacrifices to the Gun Worship God?
12/12/2012 British Nurse Hoaxed by Radio Prank's Apparent Suicide: Totally Unthinkable?
12/5/2012 Syria and Chemical Weapons: An Unmovable Line in the Sand?
11/28/2012 Are Democratic Moles Still at Work in the GOP?
11/20/2012 Rupert Murdoch, the 'Jewish Press' and a Revelation
11/13/2012 Conclusions from the 2012 Elections
11/6/2012 No, Virginia, the 2012 Election's Hyperpartisanship Will Not Last Forever
10/30/2012 Hurricane Sandy and America's Political Winds
10/23/2012 The Third Obama Romney Debate: One of Three Milestones
10/16/2012 Why Malala Yousafzia Matters
10/9/2012 Romney Plunges Towards the Center While Obama Plunges South
10/2/2012 Campaign 2012: Who Would Have Thought It
9/26/2012 Mitt Romney's Big Debate Challenge
9/18/2012 Are Democratic Moles Bringing Down Romney?
9/11/2012 The Republican Party's New Branding Problem
9/4/2012 Is American Politics Like Talking to an Empty Chair?
8/28/2012 News Media Faces Bigger Challenges This Elections Year
8/21/2012 Ban These Obnoxious Media, Political and Cultural Phrases
8/14/2012 Romney's Ryan Reset: For Victory or Defeat?
8/7/2012 Don't Count Out Mitt
8/1/2012 Mass Killings: People More Traumatized than Society
7/24/2012 Gun Control is Dead For Now
7/17/2012 The Tempestuous 2012 Presidential Election
7/10/2012 Schools Grappling with Growing Bullying Problem
7/3/2012 John Roberts and America's Political Center
6/26/2012 Serious Immigration Reform on Back Burner (Again)
6/19/2012 The Reporter Interrupting Obama: Lowering the Bar Again
6/12/2012 Don Rickles and the Gasp of Political Correctness
6/5/2012 In the 2012 Presidential Election Obama Won't Go Tourist
5/29/2012 Election Year 2012: Politics Imitates TV Art?
5/22/2012 Are Hoodies Thug Gear?
5/15/2012 Mitt Romney's Definition Problem
5/8/2012 Some Certainties about the 2012 Election
5/1/2012 2012 Presidential Campaign Could Be Ugliest and Silliest Ever
4/24/2012 How to Make Mitt Romney More Likeable
4/17/2012 Which Presidential Candidate Will Most Turn Off Independent Voters?
4/10/2012 Will the Senate Soon Get a Truly Independent Senator?
4/3/2012 A Poll Or Pundit For Every Perspective
3/27/2012 The Political Obituary of Newt Gingrich?
3/20/2012 Hubris Could Impact Both Parties in 2012 and Beyond
3/13/2012 Is Conservative Talk Radio On the Way Out?
3/6/2012 Rush’s Fluke Controversy Was No fluke
2/28/2012 Stop Comparing Your Foes to Hitler
2/21/2012 Santorum: A (Risky) Choice Not an Echo
2/15/2012 Let's Never Forget Charlie and Braden Powell and Keep Asking 'Why?'
2/7/2012 Can Mitt Romney Move to the Center If He's the Republican Nominee
1/31/2012 Newt Gingrich Keeps Hitting the Reliable Anti-Media Hot Button
1/24/2012 A Tempestuous Wind Blows Through The GOP Primary
1/17/2012 What We've Learned in the Presidential Campaign So Far
1/10/2012 Suicide by Tea?
1/4/2012 What to Watch for in 2012
12/28/2011 The Best, Worst and Most of 2011
12/20/2011 Yes Virginia, America Does Have a Political Center
12/13/2011 Newt Gingrich Implodes the Conventional Wisdom
12/6/2011 The Importance of Being Earnest and Anyone but Mitt Romney
11/29/2011 How to Make the Republican Debates Less Boring
11/22/2011 It's Time to Beat Down America's Bullying Problem
11/15/2011 Gingrich and Conservatives' Game of Chicken
11/8/2011 Sorry Herman, That Isn't How the News Media Works
11/1/2011 Herman Cain Falls Into America's Political Sinkhole
10/25/2011 The Republican Party's 2011 Cain Mutiny and Other Mutinies
10/18/2011 A Globalized Occupy Wall Street Will Be Around For a While
10/11/2011 Will 2012 Be the Republican Party's 'Oh No You Don't' Year?
10/5/2011 'Occupy Wall Street' Demonstrations Could Spread - and Spark Backlash
9/27/2011 America's Pakistan Problem
9/20/2011 Barack Obama and America's Pretzel Politics
9/13/2011 An Exclusive Look at Politicians' and Media Types' Voice Mail
9/6/2011 Barack Obama: A Weakened Compromiser or Caver?
8/30/2011 Is There a President Jeb Bush in the White House's Future
8/23/2011 The Political Minefield Facing Texas Governor Rick Perry
8/16/2011 What Happened in the Republican Party Didn't Stay in the Republican Party
8/9/2011 You Can't Escape Suggestive Selling In Life or the Media
8/2/2011 The Incredible Shrinking Barack Obama
7/26/2011 Will America Even Be Able to Afford Dunce Caps for Political Class?
7/19/2011 Republican Rebranding and the Great Debt Ceiling Debate
7/12/2011 Rupert Murdoch's Hacking Scandal: The Man Behind the Curtain
7/5/2011 Creating the Smug Pundits' Conventional Wisdom
6/28/2011 Will Andrew Cuomo Run for President in 2016?
6/21/2011 Will Liberals Blow the 2012 Election?
6/14/2011 The New Hampshire Republican Debate and the 2012 Conservative Opportunity Political Year
6/7/2011 The Self Destruction and Collateral Damage of Anthony Weiner
5/31/2011 Roger Ailes Ed Schultz Laura Ingraham - and Hope

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