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In print and on television, Peter Funt continues the Funt Family tradition of making people smile – while examining the human condition.

After 15 years hosting the landmark TV series “Candid Camera,” Peter writes frequent op-eds for The Boston Globe and The Wall Street Journal as well as his weekly column distributed by the Cagle Cartoon Syndicate. His writing contains the same pointed social observations that have made “Candid Camera” so popular since its invention by Peter’s dad, Allen, back in 1947. His new book, "Cautiously Optimistic," takes America's temperature in six-dozen essays, guaranteed to make readers think and smile. It's available at and through

Peter is a frequent speaker before business groups and on college campuses, using the vast “Candid Camera” library to bring his points to life. His newest presentation for corporate audiences, “The Candid You,” draws upon decades of people-watching to identify factors that promote better communication and productivity.

Details about Peter Funt’s speaking engagements are available at: See for video.

Peter hosted the newest versions of “Candid Camera” in recent years with Suzanne Somers and Dina Eastwood, with complete collections now available on DVD.

Peter Funt actually made his first appearance on “Candid Camera” when he and the legendary series were each just three years old. Peter posed as a shoeshine boy who charged $10 per shoe! Since that time he has appeared in hundreds of “Candid Camera” sequences, hosted over 200 network episodes.

In addition to his hidden-camera work, Peter Funt has produced and hosted TV specials on the Arts & Entertainment and Lifetime cable networks. He also spent five years as an editor and reporter with ABC News in New York.

Earlier in his career, Peter wrote dozens of articles for The New York Times and TV Guide about television and film. He was editor and publisher of the television magazine On Cable. And he authored the book "Gotcha!" for Grosset & Dunlap on the lost art of practical joking.

Peter’s essay on the evolution of television is included in “The Story of American Business,” published in 2009 by Harvard Business Press.

Peter also follows in his father's footsteps as President of Laughter Therapy Foundation, a non-profit organization started by Allen Funt in 1982. Drawing from the Candid Camera library, Laughter Therapy sends special videos, at no charge, to critically ill people throughout the U.S.

When Peter took over as host of the CBS specials, "Variety" wrote: "The latest new 'Candid Camera' specials seem to be getting funnier. Peter Funt is as personable as his dad..." Following Candid Camera's Battle of the Sexes special, "The Hollywood Reporter" observed: "This show is great fun. Peter Funt has a remarkably effective presence."

Peter Funt received his degree in journalism from the University of Denver. In 2010 he returned to the Denver campus to be honored as a Master Scholar in Arts and Humanities.

He is a past winner of the annual Silurian's Award for radio news reporting, for his ABC News coverage of racial disturbances in Asbury Park, NJ.

Peter is founder of the Monterey County Young Journalists program in California, which provides hands-on training for high school students pursuing careers in news. He also inaugurated the Courtroom Journalism competition in Monterey County in conjunction with the Lyceum Organization, and conducts a similar statewide event for the Constitutional Rights Foundation in Los Angeles, as part of its Mock Trial program.

Peter resides in Central California with his wife, Amy, and two children, Stephanie and Danny. His favorite pastimes are golf, baseball, tennis and people-watching.


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3/13/2019 California and the Death Penalty
3/5/2019 Brian Williams Earns His Way Back
2/27/2019 Democrats Have Much to Debate
2/19/2019 Politicians Are Running for TV Jobs
2/11/2019 Amy for America
2/7/2019 For Whom the Horn Honks
1/30/2019 Kamala Harris Tests CNN's Campaign
1/23/2019 Corporate Players Love the Name Game
1/11/2019 No Oscar Host? No Problem!
1/3/2019 Bingeing Makes an Unhealthy TV Diet
12/26/2018 2019 Precap
12/12/2018 My Fantasy World
12/5/2018 A Strategy for Giving
11/16/2018 Give Trump Credit When Due
11/12/2018 Dogs Get Their Day in Florida Voting
11/5/2018 Onward to 2020
10/24/2018 How Many Newsletters Do You Receive?
10/21/2018 Arizona Mirrors the Midterm Divide
10/12/2018 It's News to Me
10/4/2018 Corporate Names Go From Dollars to Donuts
9/30/2018 Kavanaugh and Beyond
9/19/2018 In Trump We Profit
9/17/2018 My Dad Deserved an Emmy
9/6/2018 Jimmy Carter's Uncommon Decency
8/28/2018 Pre-Mourning Boosts Life Before Death
8/22/2018 Truth Will Out
8/14/2018 Baseball's No-Comfort Zone
8/6/2018 Jamestown Is Now a Very Funny Place
7/30/2018 News By the Numbers
7/18/2018 Trump's 27 Loaded Questions
7/9/2018 Vacation Checklist
6/29/2018 The Maryland Muddle
6/25/2018 The Photo with Borderline Truth
6/14/2018 Boom Times in the Golden State
6/7/2018 Many Unhappy Returns
5/31/2018 Honestly, We're Really Very Sorry
5/22/2018 Getting There Is Now One-Tenth of One Percent the Fun
5/14/2018 Baseball Bobbles Its Giveaways
5/7/2018 Trump's Artful Dodging
4/30/2018 Plenty to Clean Up After Dinner
4/25/2018 A Week of Pomp and Circumstance
4/13/2018 Trump's a Mad Man
4/3/2018 Giving Up Coins Is Penny Foolish
3/28/2018 You Too Can Survive Alone
3/20/2018 With Trump, the Joke's Over
3/14/2018 The Obama-Clinton Soundtracks
3/1/2018 Media Struggle When Trump Actually Makes News
2/28/2018 Keeping Kids Safe, and Out of Prison
2/21/2018 Advocacy Billboards Spread Beyond 'Missouri'
2/14/2018 I'm Failing at Passwords
2/1/2018 Exclusive: Trump's 2019 State of the Union Speech
1/23/2018 Dan Rather Returns
1/15/2018 Merit-Based Compassion
1/12/2018 Ink-Stained Crusaders
12/26/2017 News Certain to Occur in 2018
12/11/2017 Rural America's Struggle
12/4/2017 Steinle Case Solves Nothing
11/9/2017 Who's Welcome?
10/25/2017 Fix the Parks, Not the Fees
10/9/2017 Names Make News
10/2/2017 Linking Arms, But Not Minds
9/25/2017 Fumbling the Name Game
9/18/2017 Don't Spoil My Fantasy
9/8/2017 Hillary and Co Should Chill
9/5/2017 Ethics on the Fire Lines
8/14/2017 Siri: What Is Football's Future?
8/3/2017 Discrimination on Many Levels
7/24/2017 Trump's Real Media Angle
7/18/2017 Measuring Activity Inequality
6/22/2017 An 'Extraordinary' Abuse of Journalistic Style
6/9/2017 Comey Leaves Us Spinning
5/30/2017 Yoko Ono Must Work in the Woods
5/23/2017 Advice to Grads
5/18/2017 Fees, Fines and Fairness
5/12/2017 TV's New Deal
5/1/2017 Saturday Night Follies
4/19/2017 Trump's Endless Campaign
4/4/2017 Thoughts for the Holidays
3/28/2017 Trump Boosts Cable's Fortunes
3/21/2017 Trump's Team Masks the Issues
3/2/2017 Little Merit in Trump's Latest Immigration View
2/27/2017 Opposing Trump Is a Grassroots Game
2/24/2017 'Undocumented' Isn't a Bad Word Here
2/17/2017 Reporters at the Gate
2/15/2017 The Nerd Prom Must Go
2/10/2017 CNN's a Beacon in Dark Times
2/7/2017 Trump's Numbers Don't Add Up
2/1/2017 The Republic Stands Tall
1/26/2017 We Need Obama's Care
1/24/2017 Cover Trump with Caution
1/18/2017 Shaping News Coverage in the Digital Age
1/9/2017 Women Rise as Top Cops
1/3/2017 Hey, Google's My New Bud
12/22/2016 Precap of News Certain to Occur in 2017
12/12/2016 Give Trump Credit
11/21/2016 Words to Avoid in 2017
11/17/2016 Trump's Art of the Spiel
11/14/2016 Trump Tries on Sheep's Clothing
11/10/2016 What Did Voters Really See?
11/7/2016 Christmas Creep
10/31/2016 Campaigns Hit Sour Notes
10/24/2016 10 Things That Should End With This Election
10/18/2016 Arizona's Crazy with the Political Heat
10/3/2016 The Big Con in Conway
9/29/2016 Lester Holt's Great Divide
9/27/2016 As a Journalist, Holt Stumbled Badly
9/22/2016 Clip 'n Save for Monday Night
9/15/2016 Have-Nots Still Come Up Short
9/8/2016 Clinton/Trump Debates Will Underwhelm
8/29/2016 This Labor Day, Beware of Confusing Signs
8/22/2016 Hannity Is Trump's Puppeteer
8/15/2016 No Such Thing as Free Lunch
7/28/2016 'Undecided' About What?
7/21/2016 Six Factors that Gave Us Trump
7/15/2016 Opinion! Read All About It!
7/11/2016 Farmers Markets Deserve Support
6/28/2016 I'm Already Vacationed Out
6/20/2016 Vin Scully Heads for Home
6/9/2016 Hurra Para Los Trabajadores
6/2/2016 A Good Listener Retires
5/23/2016 Clinton Needs a Crash Course
5/12/2016 It's Time to Party
4/29/2016 Newspapers Embrace Billionaire Buffs
4/13/2016 Stuck in Traffic (School)
4/1/2016 Baseball's New Gimmicks Won't Win Over Younger Viewers
3/25/2016 Sticks, Stones and Trump
3/22/2016 Cuba's New Moment
3/16/2016 Media 'R' Trump
3/4/2016 GOP Won't Disavow Trump
3/1/2016 The Collapse of Recycling
2/22/2016 Campaign Cosmetics
2/8/2016 What About Bernie Sanders?
1/29/2016 The GOP's Un-Reality Show
1/26/2016 GOP Debates Aren't Helping Much
1/19/2016 The Trump Card Is Still a Joker
1/8/2016 Presidential Priorities
12/28/2015 News Certain to Occur in 2016
12/22/2015 #MediaResolutions
12/14/2015 Our Polling Addiction
12/4/2015 Gun Victims Need More Than Prayer
11/19/2015 Talk Is Cheap, Foul Language Is Worthless
11/13/2015 GOP Small Talk
11/6/2015 Memo from the Southwest
10/13/2015 California's Not Just Dreamin'
10/12/2015 The GOP's Best Email Offer
10/7/2015 Politics Without Passion
10/2/2015 Protecting School Kids
9/29/2015 The Best Talking Heads Lean Right
9/16/2015 Fearing Fear Itself
9/9/2015 Clinton's Sorry State
9/3/2015 Who Wins the 2016 Game?
8/27/2015 Baseball's Botched Scoring
8/20/2015 Media Are Out to Get Everyone
8/13/2015 Trump's Exit Speech
8/11/2015 Trump Pulls No Tweets
7/31/2015 Mishandling Kids and Crime
7/23/2015 Misleading Monikers in the News
7/17/2015 Unlocking Prison Reform
7/8/2015 Trump's Laughing at Us
6/23/2015 California's Water Woes Hit Home
6/10/2015 Video Wallpaper
6/3/2015 It's a GOP Stampede
5/18/2015 Boston Bomber's Sentence Punishes Us All
5/12/2015 Big League Knitting
4/24/2015 Clinton Stirring the Wrong Passions
4/7/2015 California's License Scheme Punishes Its Poor
4/1/2015 Road Sage
3/24/2015 Where are Boxing's Critics?
3/12/2015 Clinton Campaign Springs a Leak
2/26/2015 Trump's in the Clown Car
2/11/2015 Six Months Won't Solve Williams' Woes
2/9/2015 What's In a Name?
1/20/2015 California Lays Down the Laws
12/29/2014 Sony Gets the Last Laugh
12/23/2014 2015 Precap
12/16/2014 Liz, Don't Jump
12/5/2014 My Comcast Grudge
11/25/2014 Easy Does It
11/18/2014 My Mom's Success
11/14/2014 Penny Wise and Parks Foolish
11/7/2014 You've Got Spam
10/31/2014 It's Okay, Really
10/28/2014 The Ticket Game
10/15/2014 Thoughts About Whatchamacallit
10/2/2014 Baseball Drinks Up and Dumbs Down
9/22/2014 Gillibrand Is Offside
6/9/2014 Hillary's Puzzling Demo Gap
5/5/2014 Class Act
4/28/2014 Sterling's Message
4/21/2014 Media Drones
4/14/2014 Doo Dah, Back at You
4/10/2014 Phone Lost, Friends Found
3/31/2014 Foul Balls
3/20/2014 The Plane! The Plane!
3/10/2014 Pay Attention to This
2/25/2014 2016 Crystal Ball
2/17/2014 TV's New Golden Era
2/6/2014 Looking at the Law
1/31/2014 Viewers Really Ad Up
12/30/2013 Water Woes Out West
12/24/2013 They Too Will Be Missed
12/11/2013 Do You Hear What I Hear?
12/6/2013 Through The Looking Glass
11/12/2013 Jimmy Kimmel Trips and Viewers Fall
11/5/2013 A Game Of And For The Ages
10/31/2013 A Royal Scam - UPDATED
10/9/2013 Siri Tells All
10/3/2013 Rushing Print's Demise
9/26/2013 Maryland's Courage
9/12/2013 Hi-Tech Harvest
8/19/2013 A-Jam Enters The Mix
8/9/2013 Chilling News
8/8/2013 Betwixt and Between
8/1/2013 Pervs in the Press
7/22/2013 Monitoring Media
7/15/2013 Postcard from Dublin
7/15/2013 TV on Trial
7/1/2013 Fog In The Sunshine State
6/27/2013 A Newsworthy Week
6/20/2013 An E-Z Fix
6/5/2013 Mister Mister
5/30/2013 What Is A Journalist?
5/24/2013 BYOB : Bring Your Own Bag
5/15/2013 Getting it Wrong
5/13/2013 Keep Those Catalogs Comin'
5/8/2013 Wide Options Narrow Interests
4/30/2013 Rambunctious Raccoons
4/22/2013 Boots in Boston
4/19/2013 The Will to Win
4/12/2013 Steal This Video
3/27/2013 April Fools
3/21/2013 Juvenile Injustice
3/5/2013 Home Free
2/4/2013 Seeing is Deceiving
1/30/2013 Hearings Miss the Target
1/22/2013 Striking a Presidential Pose
1/15/2013 Fussing Over Distaff Staff
1/8/2013 Viewing or Gorging?
1/2/2013 Protecting School Kids
12/26/2012 2013 Precap
12/24/2012 Hair Today
12/17/2012 Language Resolutions
12/12/2012 False Alarm
12/6/2012 Biased About Bias
11/26/2012 Lindsey Stoned and Pilloried
11/20/2012 Poll Withdrawal
11/15/2012 Americans Deserve Answers
11/8/2012 It's You
11/7/2012 Our Status is Quo
11/2/2012 Man for the Moment
10/18/2012 Political Reality TV
10/12/2012 Lotteries are Losers
10/4/2012 Rocky Mountain Low
9/27/2012 New Formats Muddy Debates
9/14/2012 App Seeks Your Vote
9/8/2012 We're In This Together
8/31/2012 Tampa Tidings
8/27/2012 Decisions, Decisions
7/24/2012 Lipstick Commentary
7/11/2012 BUSTS at the Ball Park
6/13/2012 Nothing to Crow About
6/5/2012 Tuned Out
5/25/2012 Low Content Denominator
5/24/2012 Undecided? About What?
5/16/2012 Hillary Speculation Won't Die
4/25/2012 Funny Money
4/14/2012 Trayvon Martin Case Goes Beyond Race
3/27/2012 Voice Lessons
3/15/2012 Free Agent Fans
2/27/2012 Running on Empty
2/24/2012 Sweet Nuthin's
2/16/2012 Slip Slidin' Away
2/11/2012 Obama Does What?
2/6/2012 Surely They Jest
1/27/2012 GOP Faces The Odds
1/17/2012 At The End of Our Rope?
1/2/2012 Porcini Parade
12/9/2011 Campaigns Are An Open Book
12/1/2011 How To Fix The Debates
11/28/2011 Four I'll Miss
11/18/2011 Crazy Lazy Politics
11/17/2011 Chatter Box
11/10/2011 Dancing With The GOP
11/3/2011 Trap and Release
10/14/2011 Cain's Half-Baked Candidacy
10/4/2011 Save Our Books!
9/28/2011 Nader Just Won't Learn
9/22/2011 All The World's a Stage
9/19/2011 No-Pledge Pledge
9/9/2011 Nothing to Cheer About
9/2/2011 Tarnished State
8/26/2011 Hair Raising
8/17/2011 Political Enemies Within
8/10/2011 Money Squawks
8/1/2011 Justitia Open Your Eyes
7/21/2011 Closing The Book
7/14/2011 Patriotic Purchasing
7/8/2011 Summer Flings
7/1/2011 Obscene Video Violence
6/22/2011 In God We Vote
6/15/2011 Coke or Pepsi? Form or Substance?
6/13/2011 Judicial Depravity
6/9/2011 Daydream Believer
6/2/2011 Signs of Confusion
5/24/2011 Baseball's Alcohol Problem
5/9/2011 The bin Laden News Trove
5/2/2011 Uppity
4/21/2011 Burn This Letter
4/18/2011 Snooze Control
4/13/2011 G Whiz
4/7/2011 No RX For Trips To The DL
3/31/2011 Keeping Secrets
3/22/2011 You Call This an Odyssey?
3/18/2011 Defunding or Defanging?
3/15/2011 Vendor of Smiles
3/10/2011 $pring Training
3/1/2011 Strike up The Bland
2/23/2011 It's in the Mail
2/15/2011 Keeping an Eye on Congress
1/31/2011 Taking Exception
1/26/2011 The Bachmann Express
1/21/2011 The State of Things
1/19/2011 In Other News ...
1/12/2011 Air Raid
1/4/2011 Clubbed
12/31/2010 2011 Precap
12/21/2010 Voluntary Tax Break
12/15/2010 Crying Game
12/11/2010 For Better or Worse
12/6/2010 Capital (sic) Hill
11/29/2010 Hunting For Heroes
11/22/2010 Thanks
11/16/2010 Low-Tone Security
11/8/2010 $2 Billion BS
11/2/2010 The Winning Way
10/22/2010 Fear of Flying
10/21/2010 Field of Means
10/13/2010 Out of The Mine
10/7/2010 A Fund for All Reasons
9/28/2010 The Rub Off Effect
9/20/2010 Fair or Foul
9/15/2010 A Message To Unlikely Voters
9/9/2010 Book Report
9/2/2010 Smile Index
8/25/2010 Customer Service Travels Well
8/18/2010 Basic Fairness
8/9/2010 Super-Sizing the Law
7/30/2010 Cut The Cards
7/24/2010 Race Against Time
7/21/2010 Penny Wise and Fan Foolish
7/15/2010 Link to This
7/10/2010 King James Version
7/5/2010 The Daily Content
6/28/2010 Help Needed
6/21/2010 Studying The T-Threat
6/16/2010 News I Can't Bear
6/11/2010 Tough Sell
6/8/2010 If I Ran a High School ...
6/2/2010 Info Addict
5/24/2010 Up Front in America
5/19/2010 Gore's New Gang
5/17/2010 We Are The Wonks
5/11/2010 Closed Open
5/3/2010 A Standup President
4/29/2010 Cover Story - Updated
4/21/2010 Spit Ball
4/14/2010 Spin Cycle
4/7/2010 Got Apps?
4/2/2010 The Coca-Cola Column
4/1/2010 For Kids, All Work Won't Work
4/1/2010 Rules of The Road
4/1/2010 2010 Precap
4/1/2010 Branded
4/1/2010 Baseball's Bat and Gall
4/1/2010 Plenty to Disclose
4/1/2010 Polls Apart
4/1/2010 Dorm Norms

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