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Jason Stanford is Democratic political consultant living in Texas. He’s the co-author of “Adios, Mofo: Why Rick Perry Will Make America Miss George W. Bush” and blogs at jasonstanford.org. Twitter: @jasstanford. He can be reached at stanford@oppresearch.com.

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10/26/2015 Benghazi Game Lost Before it Began
10/19/2015 Meet the GOP's Newest Conspiracy, 'Rangerghazi'
10/11/2015 Banana Republicans Take Charge
10/5/2015 Time for the Benghazi Committee to Stand Down
9/27/2015 Remembering Echo
9/20/2015 How the Marines Wasted $36 Million
9/13/2015 Joe Biden, America's Dad
9/3/2015 The Incredible Shrinking Jeb
8/30/2015 Donald Trump and the River of Slime
8/23/2015 We Need an Exchange Program for Racial Integration
8/21/2015 Illinois Gov.: Katrina a 'Success' at Destroying Schools
8/16/2015 Trump's a Clown, but the GOP's a Circus
8/9/2015 89% Sure Congress Won't Reject Iran Deal
8/2/2015 Damn the Facts, Full Speed Ahead
7/26/2015 Are We a Kirk or Picard?
7/20/2015 Trump, Cruz and the All Caps Vote
7/14/2015 Senate Needs to Accept Historic Deal With Iran
7/6/2015 Texas GOP's Terrible Reaction to Gay Marriage Ruling
6/29/2015 A Weapons-Grade Bad Idea
6/23/2015 Time for the South to Surrender
6/22/2015 How to Produce Your Own Texas Miracle
6/18/2015 My Stealth Campaign for President
6/15/2015 Black Faces in White Spaces
6/8/2015 Would you go on 'The Briefcase'?
6/1/2015 My Presidential Campaign
5/25/2015 The End of an Error
5/18/2015 The Governor in the Tin Foil Hat
5/11/2015 Islamic Attacks and the First Amendment
5/4/2015 We Are All Baltimore
4/26/2015 The Texas Two-Step on Taxes
4/19/2015 Ashley's War
4/13/2015 Give Ted Cruz a Gold Star
4/5/2015 I'd Forgotten Peace Was Possible
3/29/2015 Discrimination Hiding Behind Religious Faith
3/23/2015 Common Core Tests are Failures
3/16/2015 What 'Footloose' Can Teach Us About Iran
3/9/2015 What if the SEAL who Shot bin Laden Had Been a Woman?
3/1/2015 To Defeat ISIS, Win the Peace
2/22/2015 Time for a Real Conversation About War
2/15/2015 Boehner, Netanyahu Helping Iran
2/8/2015 A Modest Proposal for Open Carry
2/1/2015 Why Texas Can't Promise Tax Cuts
1/25/2015 Whatever Happened to Pragmatism?
1/18/2015 Adios, Rick Perry
1/14/2015 Governor Forgets Texas Chose to Join the Union
1/11/2015 Jihad and Right-Wing Extremism Not So Different
1/5/2015 Uber's Surge Pricing is Price Gouging
1/2/2015 Republicans Won. Now What?
12/28/2014 Adios, Rick Perry
12/22/2014 Point of Schools isn't more Testing
12/17/2014 2016 Presidential Campaign Already Boring
12/15/2014 Obama Can't Win on Oil Prices
12/8/2014 Letter to the Next Generation
12/1/2014 Congress Predictably on the Side of Dirty Air
11/24/2014 Will the GOP Hold It Together?
11/16/2014 Make Election Day a Holiday
11/9/2014 When the Herd is Wrong
11/3/2014 Partisanship, For Lack of a Better Word, is Good
10/26/2014 GOP Freaking Out Over Ebola and Gay Backrubs
10/19/2014 Obama's $1 Trillion Broken Promise
10/13/2014 The Hardest-Working Congressman in North Dakota
10/6/2014 Let Women Serve in Combat
9/28/2014 Bomb Mexico?
9/21/2014 We Are All Roger Goodell
9/14/2014 Time for GOP to deal with Gohmert
9/7/2014 The Craziest Congressional Candidate in America
9/1/2014 Rick Perry Love the Troops, Hates Feeding Them
8/24/2014 The Resurrection of Rick Perry
8/17/2014 It's the Abuse of Power Stupid
8/13/2014 US Needs Truth & Reconciliation
8/10/2014 Testing a Lousy Way to Hold Schools Accountable
8/4/2014 Obama's Secret Diplomatic Victories
7/27/2014 What To Do About the Border Crisis
7/21/2014 We Can't Leave These Men Behind
7/16/2014 Take the Win in Iran
7/14/2014 Our Katrina Moment
7/9/2014 Lessons of Deadly Texas Explosion Go Unlearned
7/6/2014 We've Got a Promise to Keep
6/26/2014 Mainstreaming Radicalism
6/23/2014 Early Critic of School Testing Was Right All Along
6/18/2014 God Doesn't Make It Rain
6/15/2014 Ted Cruz is Christmas in July for Democrats
6/8/2014 Hey GOP: Stop Politicizing Terrorism
6/4/2014 Common Core Opposition is No Joke
6/2/2014 We Aren't Perfect and Neither is the Death Penalty
5/26/2014 How Will China Respond?
5/18/2014 K12 Inc - Great for Investors, Horrible for Students
5/11/2014 Two States Going Opposite Directions on Hispanics
5/5/2014 A Call to National Service
4/29/2014 Rick Perry's Ethical Cloud
4/27/2014 The Fallacy of Common Sense
4/22/2014 The Dawn of a New Age of Political Lies
4/20/2014 Is Texas Losing 'Fertilizer Happens' Attitude?
4/15/2014 Blood Moon Ushers in the Stupid
4/13/2014 If Education is a Civil Right Who are the Good Guys
4/9/2014 Why are Republicans Playing the Victim on Civil Rights?
4/6/2014 Teaching Writing Wrong
4/3/2014 Texas Gubernatorial Candidate Getting Education Policy From a White Supremacist?
3/30/2014 Lobbyists Always Find a Way
3/24/2014 Don't Look Now, but 'Education Spring' is Arriving
3/18/2014 Equal Pay and Awkward Pauses
3/16/2014 'Divergent' is an Education Dystopia
3/9/2014 GOP Going Nuclear on 'Battlefield of Ideas'
3/4/2014 Get Ready for 'Education Spring'
3/2/2014 Texas Attorney General Sells the 10th Amendment
2/23/2014 Mainstreaming Radicalism in Texas
2/16/2014 Cashing In On Pre-K Testing
2/9/2014 Sochi Hotel Horror Stories
2/5/2014 There's Good News on Income Inequality
2/2/2014 Texas Still Waiting for the 21st Century to Show Up
1/27/2014 Holding Arne Duncan to a Higher Standard
1/19/2014 Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace
1/7/2014 Double standard for Robertson and Kluwe
1/5/2014 Can Obama Recover?
12/30/2013 The Forgotten Republican Rebrand
12/23/2013 Time to Investigate Pearson in Texas
12/16/2013 A Letter From the Front Lines of the War on Christmas
12/10/2013 Facing a Tea Party Challenge
12/8/2013 Women and the GOP: Apologies Don't Matter Without Change
12/1/2013 Texas Versus California
11/24/2013 Common Core - a Failure Democrats and Republicans Can Agree On
11/17/2013 What Can We Learn From JFK's Assassination
11/10/2013 Is Your Child's Teacher 'Highly Qualified'?
11/3/2013 Corrections
10/27/2013 GOP: Women Love Jumping Through Hoops
10/22/2013 Students Aren't Failing Tests – Tests Are Failing Students
10/21/2013 A New Hope for School Accountability
10/13/2013 Why the RNC's Hispanic outreach will fail
10/7/2013 Advice for Parents on Tantrums
9/29/2013 Learning to Love Ted Cruz
9/22/2013 Go Home, Congressman. You're Drunk.
9/15/2013 California and Texas Agree on Testing
9/11/2013 Political Opportunism on Syria
9/9/2013 No Accountability in School Accountability
9/2/2013 How Obama Uses Junk Science to Punish Teachers
8/25/2013 Are Black Students Really Welcome in White Student Union?
8/20/2013 Ted Cruz for el Presidente!
8/18/2013 Revealing Look Behind the Facade of Sexual Segregation
8/12/2013 Is a Wall Street Crash Coming to Public Schools?
8/4/2013 Kafka in Texas
7/29/2013 What Would Wendy Davis Do
7/21/2013 No Test-maker Left Behind
7/15/2013 Miscarriage in Texas
7/8/2013 Afraid of Wendy Davis? Rick Perry to Forgo Re-Election
6/30/2013 War on Women Met by People's Filibuster
6/24/2013 Post Explosion, Texas Still Has a 'Fertilizer Happens' Plan
6/16/2013 Texas Senators Were For Immigration Reform Before They Were Against It
6/10/2013 Dreams of Superman's Fathers
6/2/2013 Bachmann is Dead, Long Live Ted Cruz
5/27/2013 Cheating on Standardized Tests Commonplace
5/20/2013 Learning From the Rise and Fall of Michelle Rhee
5/12/2013 What Rick Perry Can Learn From California
5/6/2013 Will Obama Beat the 6-Year Itch?
4/30/2013 Business is Booming in Perry's Potemkin Village
4/28/2013 The (Revised) George W Bush Legacy
4/21/2013 Everything's Bigger in Texas, Including Disaster Relief Hypocrites
4/14/2013 National Backlash Against Test-Crazed Education
4/7/2013 Right-Wingers Making it Hard to Defend the South
3/31/2013 If You Enron-ize Public Schools Cheating is Going to Happen
3/24/2013 Turning Texas Into a Battleground State
3/17/2013 Homeschool Segregation
3/10/2013 Ted Cruz Pro-Stimulus Republican
3/5/2013 Scary Texas Moms
2/24/2013 Not The Onion
2/17/2013 Shakespeare in the Senate
2/11/2013 For Republicans, 'Stupid' is a Tough Stain to Remove
1/28/2013 A Budget Tale That Would Make Stalin Proud
1/20/2013 Why are Guns Constitutionally Protected?
1/17/2013 School Choice in Texas: Subjecting Students to the Whims of Wall Street
1/14/2013 Zero Dark Thirty: A War We Didn't Lose, But Also Didn't Win
1/9/2013 Forget Assault Weapons - Texas Congressman's Focus is on Hammers
1/6/2013 Hurricane Sandy Relief: A Flood of Hypocrisy
12/31/2012 Congress Could Learn a Lot About Accountability From the NFL
12/17/2012 Will Connecticut Shooting Offer a Chance For A New Start
12/11/2012 What If This Was Your Last Christmas?
11/27/2012 Rumpelstiltskin Economics
11/20/2012 Pissing Away Taxpayer Money
11/12/2012 What Washington Can Learn from Big Tex
11/7/2012 Advice for Republicans in 2016
11/1/2012 Romney's Napoleon Complex
10/29/2012 Leaving Children Behind in Texas
10/26/2012 Buzz Bissinger Endorsed A Mitt Romney That Does Not Exist
10/23/2012 Confessions of a Political Junkie
10/18/2012 Pay Equality and Binders Full of Women
10/8/2012 You Come at Elmo, You Best Not Miss
10/2/2012 Poll Denial: 50 Shades of Crazy
9/26/2012 The Separation of Values and Common Sense
9/17/2012 Why Did the Tea Party Play Nice?
9/12/2012 Convention Bounces and Sugar Rushes
9/6/2012 How Democrats Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Obamacare
9/3/2012 The Man in the Chair Who Isn't There
8/29/2012 The Tampa Tragicomedy
8/27/2012 The GOP's 'Anti- Science' Science Committee
8/22/2012 When Will The Press Start Asking The Right Questions?
8/19/2012 The Paul Ryan Story Everyone Missed
8/13/2012 The Earth Rover 'Stupidity'
8/5/2012 Pork and Politics at the Fancy Farm Picnic
7/30/2012 Romney in London: Mitt the Twit
7/25/2012 Pounding Chicken With A Bible
7/23/2012 Thank God for Louie Gohmert
7/18/2012 Barack Obama, The Bully
7/15/2012 The Cognitive Dissonance of Republican Logic
7/8/2012 A Cease Fire for Draft Dodgers
7/2/2012 Republican Governors Fight Obamacare Implementation
6/25/2012 Jamie Dimon and the JP Morgan Casino
6/18/2012 Austerity Roulette
6/11/2012 Outrage Needed in GOP's Filibuster of Equal-Pay Bill
6/4/2012 Local Color A Casualty In Heated Texas Primary
5/29/2012 Talking Pineapples and Texas Education
5/24/2012 Cory Booker and the King of Bain
5/21/2012 The Mitt Romney Veepstakes
5/14/2012 The Black LBJ
4/30/2012 How To Talk To Republicans
4/22/2012 Romney's Dreaming On The DREAM Act
4/16/2012 Romney: Old Alone and Done For
4/9/2012 The GOP's Problem With Women And Caterpillars
4/2/2012 Republicans Don't Seem Ready For A Post-Racial America
3/26/2012 Neither Ryan Plan Has Fans Tebowing
3/19/2012 Mitt Romney: The Anti-Midas
3/11/2012 Texas and Guns: A Love Affair
3/4/2012 Sh*t Mitt Says
2/27/2012 Mourning in America
2/17/2012 Has Michigan Become Santorum Country?
2/12/2012 Rick Perry Re-emerges
2/5/2012 Holding Colleges Accountable on Affordability
1/29/2012 Reboot the Mittbot
1/22/2012 Craig James Proves Not All Publicity is Good Publicity
1/20/2012 It's Freedom For Rick Perry's Press Corps
1/15/2012 Top Hat Capitalism
1/10/2012 A Little Sex Ed About the Personhood Movement
1/2/2012 Members of Congress Need Teddy Bears
12/22/2011 Evangelicals Should Declare Victory in the War on Christmas
12/19/2011 Ron Paul, Tim Tebow and the Iowa Caucus
12/12/2011 Republican Fratricide

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