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Taylor Jones draws caricatures, editorial cartoons and illustrations for El Nuevo Dia (Puerto Rico's largest newspaper), Hoover Digest and Cagle Cartoons Newspaper Syndicate. Before he joined Cagle, Taylor was syndicated with Tribune Media Services. His work has appeared in newspapers and magazines around the world, and he is a former illustrator of the "Washington Whispers" page of U.S. News & World Report. Taylor is the author of "Add-Verse to Presidents," a satirical look at the presidency from Washington to Reagan; and he illustrated and designed a series of books on the lexicon of professional sports, including "How To Talk Baseball" and "How To Talk Golf."

Taylor Jones is based on Staten Island, New York, where he spends his free time fidgeting, breeding North American giant silkmoths, vacuuming water out of his basement, and pretending to be a good dad.

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4/6/2010 God I Love The Pope! No, Not in THAT Way, I'm Not Even Catholic
1/13/2010 Avatar Schmavatar
12/16/2009 It's Not Health Care Reform -- It's Liebercare
12/14/2009 Tiger Woods and Me
12/6/2009 Obama's Surge
11/21/2009 Sarah Palin - Up Up and Away
9/16/2009 Obama Health Care and Me
9/4/2009 Obama's Hurt Locker
8/31/2009 Ted Kennedy and then some

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