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Michael R. Shannon is a public relations and advertising consultant with corporate, government and political experience around the globe. He is a dynamic, entertaining and funny keynote speaker for political, corporate, non–profit and governmental organizations. In addition to his speaking and consulting, Shannon is the author of A Conservative Christian’s Guidebook for Living in Secular Times (Now With Added Humor!)

As consultant to The Israel Project, he has made a number of trips to Israel where he worked closely with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in their efforts to promote a positive image of Israel. Shannon has also conducted media and message training workshops for MFA and Israeli Defense Forces spokespersons along with representatives of various non–governmental organizations. During the UN Court trial in The Hague, Shannon worked closely with the MFA in its international media outreach.

Shannon teaches message development, crisis communication and public relations for The University of Tennessee – Chattanooga Command College, conducts the political advertising and message section of The University of Virginia's Sorenson Institute and he lectures on message development, politics for the Institute of Political Leadership. He is a regular speaker on political commercials, crisis communication and public relations for Campaigns & Elections magazine. He has also addressed the State Legislative Leaders Foundation, National League of Cities, conducted seminars for Information Management and The University of Arkansas – Little Rock and performed as the keynote speaker for the Canadian Broadcasting Corp.

Shannon’s client list includes SAIC; United National Congress (Trinidad & Tobago); Royal Castle, Ltd.; New Generation Imaging; Dry–Clean Depot; Texas Medical Assn.; American Medical Assn.; American Medical Assn. PAC; Indiana State Police Alliance; Minneapolis Federation of Police; St. Paul Police Federation; Northern Virginia Transportation Alliance; The Peterson Companies; Gleaning for the World; various political candidates and elected officials.
The work Shannon has done in the radio and television arena has been recognized for both creativity and effectiveness. He is a multiple first place winner in the American Association of Political Consultants Pollie awards. Shannon won back–to–back first place Silver Microphone awards for radio commercials. He is a three–time winner of the prestigious Gold statue at the Houston International Film Festival. Shannon won first place in the Vision Awards for television. He has also won consecutive Silver Microphone awards for best campaign.

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3/14/2019 Don't Judge a Conservative By His Cover
3/8/2019 Why Voters Like Trump in Spite of His Failures
3/1/2019 What Nixon and Trump Have in Common
2/21/2019 No Business Is Safe from the Left's Ignorance and Envy
2/14/2019 Howard Schultz Could Use a Little Caffeine
2/8/2019 Virginia Democrats Play Last Man Standing
1/31/2019 Why Electing Leftists Is Bad for the Birth Rate
1/24/2019 Another Crop of Illegals Moves North
1/17/2019 That Long Winter at Valley Shutdown
1/11/2019 Why Term Limits Lost and Ranked Choice Voting Will Succeed
1/3/2019 Hospitals Guard Prices Like the CIA Guards Secrets
12/21/2018 Bipartisanship Is Another Word for Ignoring the Base
12/14/2018 America at a Rubicon Moment, and MAGA Isn't Enough
12/6/2018 NFL Star's Fight Against Time and Economics
11/29/2018 CNN's Jim Acosta Elbows Trump Out of the Way
11/15/2018 Four Weeks from Oblivion, GOP Congress Slumbers On
11/9/2018 Mitch McConnell: How to Win Without Doing Anything
11/1/2018 Trump Says 'Adios' to Birthright Citizenship
10/25/2018 The Real Conspiracy Against the Working Man
10/19/2018 Sanctuary Maternity Wards a Leftist Success Story
10/11/2018 Nov. 6 Is the Day Conservatives Go On Strike
10/5/2018 Illegal Aliens Regularly Granted Lawless Benefits
9/28/2018 Ay Caramba! U.S. Illegal Count Just Doubled
9/21/2018 The Left's Do-It-Yourself Authoritarianism
9/14/2018 Transgender Recruiting Plans Include Your Kids
9/6/2018 We Put a Hand Over Our Heart, Nike Puts Thumb in Our Eye
8/30/2018 Democrats, Still the Party of Voter Suppression
8/23/2018 Ahab Mueller Continues to Chase President Trump
8/16/2018 Time for the Rest of Us to Unfriend the Media
8/9/2018 A Heretic Offers Surrender Terms to Christians
8/2/2018 How Dare Catholic Hospitals Protect the Unborn!
7/26/2018 Kavanaugh's Audition to Join Oracles at Delphi
7/19/2018 The Social Cost of Non-Profit Lawyers
7/12/2018 In China, 'Sharp Eyes' and Cicadas
7/5/2018 Time for Conservatives to Go On Strike
6/28/2018 Cold Civil War May Be Heating Up
6/21/2018 Donald Trump Suffers Separation Anxiety
6/14/2018 Leftists Taking Language Instruction from Corporations
6/7/2018 Flying American Airlines Be Prepared to Hold It
6/1/2018 NFL Proves Trump is a Threat to the Leftist Elite
5/25/2018 Starbucks Seeking Volunteers for Sociology Experiment
5/17/2018 What If Obamacare Sold Homeowner's Insurance?
5/10/2018 Mitch McConnell Is Just a Clerk at Heart
5/4/2018 The Left and their Angry Brand of Comedy
4/26/2018 The Constitutional Work-Around for Term Limits
4/19/2018 Starbucks to Manage Concessions for Homeless Encampments
4/12/2018 Mark Zuckerberg's 'Listening Tour' Stops in DC
4/6/2018 Democrat's Latest: Jim Crow Meet Juan Canto
3/30/2018 David Hogg, Child Media Star
3/22/2018 Free Market Term Limits Breakthrough
3/15/2018 Congress Says THIS Time We Really Mean It
3/8/2018 2nd Becomes the 'It Depends' Amendment
3/2/2018 Parkland School Shooting Is Your Government at Rest
2/23/2018 Republicans Avoid Becoming an Election Pinata
2/16/2018 My Genuine Bipartisan Compromise Offer
2/9/2018 God Bless This Abortion Mill
2/1/2018 More Evangelicals Selling Their Soul to Support a Loser
1/26/2018 Beware the 'Conservative' Who Grows in Office
1/19/2018 The Truth About a Government Shutdown
1/12/2018 Pay-As-You-Go Amnesty
1/5/2018 Steve Bannon's Spontaneous Combustion
12/22/2017 Why Do GOP Leaders Surrender the Agenda to the Left?
12/15/2017 #MeToo Movement Should Have More Love for Mike Pence
12/7/2017 Virginia Politicians Surprised Drivers Object to Destination Tax
11/30/2017 I'm Glad I'm Not an Alabama Voter
11/10/2017 Virginia Election Determined by Angry Swamp Creatures
11/3/2017 Any Chance Conservatives Will Finally Fight Back?
10/26/2017 Ever Wondered Why Hospitals Don't Give Estimates?
10/19/2017 Virginia Governor's Race Is the Establishment's Revenge
10/12/2017 Who Wants to Borrow McConnell's Slightly-Used Majority
10/6/2017 Another Misfire From the Gun Control Crowd
9/28/2017 Millionaires & Billionaires Fighting 'Oppression'
9/22/2017 Kaepernick: When Taking a Knee Is All About Me
9/15/2017 Afghanistan Strategy Is the Only Hope for Education Reform
9/8/2017 DACA: Delayed Accountability for Contemptuous Aliens
9/1/2017 Temple to Journalist's Self-Regard Falls on Hard Times
8/25/2017 Discovery of Trumpophobia Would Help Deplorables
8/18/2017 'Draining the Swamp' Isn't a Part-Time Job
8/3/2017 Way Past Time to Let Congress Enjoy Obamacare
7/27/2017 Trump's Military Ban on Transgenders Sensible and Scientific
7/20/2017 Losing the House to Win the Future
7/14/2017 'Gde myaso?' Russian for Where's the Beef?
6/30/2017 The Only Time Maxine Waters Cares About Borders
6/23/2017 Let Washington Politicians defend Themselves
6/16/2017 Siri Plans to Stop Taking Orders and Start Giving Them
6/9/2017 NFL End Zones Don't Need More Showmanship
6/2/2017 California Reinvents Medical Tourism
5/26/2017 Michelle's Legacy Is in the Dumpster
5/18/2017 Now I Know Why They Pack Sardines in Oil
5/11/2017 Why Expecting Subway Passengers to Pay Is Discrimination
5/5/2017 Movie Theater Madness
4/27/2017 United Passenger Wasn't Roughed Up in Vain
4/20/2017 Men Competing on a Woman's Team?
4/13/2017 United Package Tours Now Include Hospitalization!
4/7/2017 Sometimes Saving Money Is Rocket Science
3/31/2017 'Climate Science' isn't Science. It's Religion
3/24/2017 Big Week for Taking the Temperature of Trump
3/17/2017 Climate Change Doesn't Affect NWS Forecasts
3/9/2017 GOP Replaces Obama Meddling with Ryan Meddling
3/3/2017 Business Learns Trump Giveth and Trump Taketh Away
2/24/2017 Federal Judges Rewrite the 2nd Amendment
2/17/2017 Future Is Cloudy With Occasional Trump Gusts
2/9/2017 Trump's Wall Can Be a Memorial, Too
2/2/2017 Virginia Baptist Leaders Busy Betraying Their Base
1/27/2017 Ordering Dinner With a Side of Sanctimony
1/20/2017 The Federal Government Requires Amputation
1/16/2017 Trump Isn't Going to Play by the Media's Rules
1/6/2017 Shortest Letter in the Bible Solves Illegal Immigration Problem
12/23/2016 They're Making a List & Checking It Twice
12/16/2016 Affirmative Action for Ex-Cons
12/9/2016 Football Flashback to An Earlier Era
12/2/2016 Flyers Progress from Passengers to Freight
11/28/2016 NFL Owners Can Afford to Build Their Own Stadium
11/11/2016 I Was 100 Percent Wrong About Donald Trump
11/4/2016 Don't Encase Your Children in Bubble Wrap
10/28/2016 Sorry Liberals, but Not Every Law Targets Minorities
10/21/2016 Hillary Reveals Herself as a Tin-Pot Dictator
10/13/2016 Republican Party Now Controlled by Depend Caucus
10/6/2016 Missing the Connection Between Politicians and Consequences
10/3/2016 You Can't Make Trump What He Isn't
9/23/2016 Why the First Presidential Debate May Decide the Election
9/16/2016 What's the Point of Having a Majority If GOP Doesn't Use It?
9/9/2016 Target's 'Solution' Adds Uncertainty to Bathroom Etiquette
9/2/2016 Tim Kaine, Catholic of Convenience
8/26/2016 Why Can't Quanah Parker's House Be Saved?
8/12/2016 Decreasing Abortions... and Tattoos
8/8/2016 Chastity Backlash Breaks Out Among Christians
7/28/2016 Both Parties Should Adopt the Barbara Bush Rule
7/22/2016 Here Come the Robot Buses
7/14/2016 Obama Insults the Bereaved in Dallas
7/7/2016 Comey and the FBI Blink After Email Investigation
6/30/2016 Maine's Unpretentious First Lady Takes a Real Job
6/24/2016 Orlando and the Imaginary Wave of Islamophobia
6/15/2016 Britain Edges Towards World's Biggest Breakup
6/9/2016 Great White Leftists Know What's Best for Red Man
6/2/2016 Bernie's Political Jujitsu Loses Leverage
5/26/2016 Resistance to Tolerance Is Futile
5/16/2016 For Rent: Donald Trump
5/10/2016 Roadside Hook-Up Results in Slow Bern
5/3/2016 Ruining the Movies One Text at a Time
4/26/2016 An Education in Driver's Ed
4/19/2016 From the Stalls of Montezuma: A New Front in Culture War
4/13/2016 Now Humans Are Just Along for the Ride
4/5/2016 Trump Incoherence Spreads to Pro-Life Supporters
3/30/2016 Another Way Citizens Pay for Illegal Aliens
3/15/2016 Republicans Advocating Mob Censorship
3/8/2016 Let's Hope the Crazies Don't Have Eleven Missiles
3/1/2016 Two Words that Would Seal the Deal for Trump
2/23/2016 What's Next? Voting Absentee from Prison?
2/17/2016 A Leftist and Her Money Are Soon Parted
2/9/2016 Trump Tizzy in Virginia Long Before Primary
2/2/2016 Porn and the 'Addictive as Cocaine' Cliche
1/26/2016 Will the GOP Kill Trump With Kindness?
1/20/2016 The Typo that Bloated a Nation
1/13/2016 Sudden Jihad Syndrome's Related Pathology
1/5/2016 Google Designs the Self-Absorbed Car
12/23/2015 Helping Your Wife This Christmas
12/15/2015 Soft Landing for a Politician Is on Top of Taxpayers
12/8/2015 Democrats Reassuring Perpetrators Instead of Victims
12/1/2015 Over $1 Million to Figure Out Why Babies Won't Eat?
11/24/2015 Hashtag Can't Change the Reality of Abortion
11/17/2015 Are We Still a Nation of Laws?
11/10/2015 San Francisco Too Expensive for Socialists to Live There
11/4/2015 Robot Cars: The Return of the Sunday Driver
10/28/2015 How Many Betrayals Before the GOP Base Revolts
10/21/2015 Russia Is Worried About Obama's America
10/14/2015 Another Leftist Issue Where 'Choice' Results in Death
10/7/2015 Turning the Tables on Verizon
10/2/2015 Time to Move from Intangible Hero to Tangible Candidate
9/29/2015 The Increasingly Likable Donald Trump
9/23/2015 Mr. Ed Gives Better Lifestyle Advice than the Media
9/16/2015 Profiting from Kim Davis' Example
9/10/2015 Kim Davis Problems Are Just Beginning
9/3/2015 Anti-Gay Clerk is Helping Same-Sex Marriage
8/27/2015 Does Beach Crowding Mean People LIKE Warm Weather?
8/24/2015 EPA Discovers Water Flows Downhill
8/11/2015 The (Marbled-Mouth) Donald
8/4/2015 Meet Mom & Dad, the Libido Extinguishers
7/28/2015 Obama's Unilateral Surrender Foreign Policy
7/21/2015 Obamaphone Meets the Obamanet
7/15/2015 Why White Lives Don't Matter to Obama
7/9/2015 Apple's Politically Correct Censorship
6/30/2015 The Powder Room Police
6/24/2015 Salon's 'Big Lie' About Guns and Mental Illness
6/16/2015 Rachel Dolezal's Complexion Problem
6/9/2015 Polls Gleefully Say the Darndest Things
6/3/2015 Socialism isn't Helping Venezuela Much
5/28/2015 Bystander Nation
5/20/2015 Does This Ballistic Vest Make Me Look Fat?

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