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Michael Stafford is a 2003 graduate of Duke University School of Law and a former Republican Party officer. He works as an attorney in Wilmington, Delaware. He is the author of the book "An Upward Calling" on the need for public policy and politics to advance the common good. You can follow his writing on Facebook.

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6/22/2015 Pope Francis Challenges Our Apathy
2/11/2015 Pope Francis's Cry for Creation
12/9/2014 Divided We Fall: An Open Letter to America's Working Families
7/23/2014 Strangers at Our Door A Crisis for American Christians
1/14/2014 A Raw Deal: Our Pain, Their Gain
8/27/2013 Humanizing Savage Capitalism
7/15/2013 Guns Get Off Again
5/16/2013 Are You Carrying the Fire?
3/24/2013 Unlimited: The Cult of the Self
1/4/2013 Never Again: Grassroots Organizing Key to Gun Control
11/28/2012 The Conservative Spring
11/16/2012 Bull Moose! Reviving Progressive Conservatism
11/5/2012 Going Green: My Vote Is My Brick
10/19/2012 America Doesn't Have a Pro-Life Political Party
10/2/2012 Spring and Fall: To a Climate Change Denier
9/12/2012 Some Help, Mr Romney
7/27/2012 A Catalyzing Tragedy: Bring Back the Assault Weapons Ban
7/5/2012 Two Failed Parties, Two Inadequate Choices
6/12/2012 Why I Gave Up On Being a Republican
5/15/2012 A Nation at Dusk: Goodnight Moon; Goodnight America
4/18/2012 Earth Day: Empowering the People
3/28/2012 Conservative Crush Porn
3/7/2012 GOP Stuck in a Conservative Wonderland
1/22/2012 The Science of Intimidation
12/8/2011 The Republican Crisis
11/15/2011 Why Occupy? Steerage is Getting Restless
11/8/2011 Our 'Horrible Legacy'
10/16/2011 The Red Tory Abroad
10/10/2011 Solidarity: Saying Yes to Justice
9/27/2011 Heroic Measures: Community is the Cure
9/13/2011 Cheering for Death
9/7/2011 They Look For Towers
8/22/2011 Huntsman Comes Out of the Closet on Science
8/11/2011 My Road to Damascus Moment on Climate Change
8/3/2011 Taking the GOP Back From the Radical Right
7/27/2011 Pastor Rick Warren: Ignorance in 140 Characters (or less)
7/25/2011 Dear Speaker Boehner: An Open Letter on the Debt and the Budget
7/18/2011 Rough Riding: America Needs a New Mass Movement for Responsible Reform
7/12/2011 Ghost of Proposition 187 Continues to Haunt GOP
7/5/2011 The Party of Lincoln Needs to Look in the Mirror

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