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Maria Fotopoulos is a Senior Writing Fellow for the Santa Barbara-based organization, Californians for Population Stabilization (CAPS |, where she writes about the population-sustainability connection. Her interest and concerns about overpopulation date back to the 70s growing up in a small Oklahoma town where the message of Zero Population Growth reached her – and resonated.

Fotopoulos also has written about greener rides and the green-ness of California’s Gov. Schwarzenegger, as well as the potential value in developing local currencies and in more community-based banking. Always looking for a good story to tell, she has explored the mystery of the Kombucha “mushroom,” discussed the dangers of Teflon and found the Hollywood connection to Greek Orthodoxy, among other diverse stories.

Her work has appeared in the El Paso Times, Houston Chronicle, Jackson Clarion Ledger, Oklahoman, Santa Barbara News-Press, Santa Monica Daily Press, Wall Street Journal and Whole Life Times.

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3/12/2018 Wildlife Wants D.C. Swamp Drained, Too
10/5/2017 Controversial Guggenheim Exhibit Raises Questions
8/28/2017 Wildlife Loses a Devoted Protector
8/1/2017 Park Rangers: The Thin Green Line
7/7/2017 On World Population Day Only Growing Numbers Ahead
3/21/2017 On the Value of Coyotes and Other Non-Human Life
6/9/2016 Gorilla Incident Just One Drop in an Ocean of Mistreatment
1/21/2016 Only Elephants Should Wear Ivory in 2016
9/7/2015 Rethinking Wildlife's Place in our Interconnected World
7/30/2015 No Room for 'Trophy Hunting'
10/31/2014 Deadly Disease Requires Using All Tools in Toolbox
5/18/2014 Earth Being Crippled by Flood of Upright Apes
3/18/2014 On World Water Day: A Look at Man's Massive Impact on Earth
10/15/2013 A New Front Opens on Family Planning
8/22/2013 Earth Overshoot Day to Arrive This Month
7/1/2013 World Population Day Highlights Unsustainable Growth
6/7/2013 California Controller's Fantasy Vision
3/7/2013 Taking Time to Celebrate Women
2/4/2013 Going Down The Same Trail : Amnesty
7/13/2012 Populationists Find a Rock Star in Melinda Gates
6/24/2012 How to Make a Narco-State President Happy - In Just One Step
11/17/2010 Subsidizing Tuition for Illegal Aliens in California Makes No Sense
6/14/2010 California Continues Sowing its Decline
5/6/2010 Arizona is Right

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