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The American Independent has set itself apart from other news organizations and blogs with its commitment to impact journalism reporting that not only covers the news but also shapes it. This is the defining value of investigative journalism in the 21st century: the recognition that outcomes matter, that reporting the news well is no longer enough.

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1/3/2013 Reaganomics Coming To a State Near You
12/17/2012 'Abortion Doesn't Unrape You'
12/7/2012 How a For-Profit University Killed Community College Expansion
11/29/2012 Voting in Church
11/2/2012 'Why are they making this more difficult for us?'
10/26/2012 Government Photo Database Raises Privacy Concerns
10/19/2012 PR for Dictators
10/8/2012 Police Video Raises Concerns About HIV Discrimination
9/27/2012 Anti-Abortion Plan Raise Costs for Women
9/21/2012 Corporations Give Big Bucks to Boy Scouts Despite Anti-Gay Policy
9/14/2012 Big Telecom Companies Push To Roll Back Consumer Protections
9/7/2012 The GOP Battle Over Gay Rights
8/30/2012 Health Experts Challenge Coerced- Abortion Laws
8/17/2012 Abortion Law Interferes With Health Services
8/9/2012 Colorado Massacre Spurs Calls For Gun Control
7/27/2012 California Cracks Down on For-Profit Colleges
7/19/2012 HIV Prosecutions May Deter Testing
7/12/2012 Should Sex Offender Programs Be Privatized?
7/5/2012 Gay Marriage Foes Tout Conservative- Backed Parenting Study
6/27/2012 Discrimination Against LGBT Jurors Remains Legal
6/21/2012 The Anti-Abortion Game of Life
6/15/2012 Private Water Companies Partner With Fracking Lobby
6/8/2012 Anti-Abortion Jobs for Christians

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