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Martha's Big Adventure - Go Blackhawks Just Ask My Son

Martha's Big Adventure -- Go Blackhawks, Just Ask My Son!

By Martha Randolph Carr

The Chicago Blackhawks, my new hometown's team, won the Stanley Cup in overtime and brought home the victory for the first time since 1961. They were playing the Philadelphia Flyers in Philadelphia and were thought to be the underdogs for at least that game.

In my neighborhood we could hear the loud cheers and collective moans coming from the bars that line Lincoln Avenue two blocks away every time a Blackhawk scored or missed an opportunity. Afterwards, people filled Clark Street but the celebration was fairly tame with only a few overturned port-a-potties. The all-night party never came close to the melee after the Bulls came from behind to win against the Portland Trail Blazers in 1992.

That's hockey too, right? Just kidding. Although every time I have mentioned the ice hockey playoffs to a male they looked at me with suspicion and drilled me with questions. As if I didn't have a son who was into sports and I absorbed some of the finer points by countless hours of cooling my heels.

Someday scientists will do a study of middle aged moms and test them for a wide variety of skills that have nothing to do with their education background or current career. The results will be astounding and we will finally be recognized as the real brains behind the operation and perhaps a little more savvy than our children care to believe.

As a result, human resource aficionados will be thrilled to see one of us coming and will place our resumes on the top of the pile rather than giving us that pitiable look that says we haven't really accomplished anything they can measure.

Employers everywhere will recognize that we can multi-task up to five items even if there's liquids involved, handle petty arguments with aplomb, learn new skills for important tasks that were put off until the last hour before they were due, and squeeze more use out of a dollar than a McDonald's Shrek 3D collectable drinking glass. That's corporate life, right?

And, by the way, it was a group of moms who didn't trust McDonald's due diligence that pooled their money and got the new Shrek glasses tested for cadmium and found the alarming amounts leading to the recall of 12 million glasses. Mothers can usually tell when you haven't done your homework.

Personally, I know quite a bit about welding, lacrosse, pop art, mash-up books and sports in general courtesy of my 22 year old son, Louie who likes to take credit for everything I've done, anyway. He tells everyone I'm his inspiration, which isn't completely off the mark. However, there's a rumor that I have a life of my own.

This is reminiscent of when he was three and told me the world was started by volcanoes with a look like this would be brand new information for me as well. I thought it was adorable then but I didn't realize this was going to be a lifelong pattern. Of course, this has me reviewing the many times I dismissed my mother when she tried to comment on something outside the realm of knitting, needlepoint or arthritis. I may have been wrong.

In my defense I'd like to point out that every time my mother tried to use a cliché, like 'catch 22' it was generally incorrect. Louie would probably like to be able to tell you that I couldn't get the lyrics to a song released after 1990 if I was on a game show with a million dollars at stake. He especially can't understand why I'm content with the same 20 songs on my iPhone that have been there for over a year. Actually I'm thinking of adding one by the Black Eyed Peas but I'm going to have to listen to a few to figure out which one.

Okay, it may be true that once you start to raise kids you lose a little of your cultural hipness but it's not because I became less cool. I've been busy. But somewhere, deep inside is still the same teenage girl who could do a mean hustle and knew all the words to Fleetwood Mac's, Go Your Own Way. Go Blackhawks! More adventures to follow.

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