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Time to Revive 1927 Supreme Court Decision

Time to Revive 1927 Supreme Court Decision

By Joseph Cotto

Most folks would surely agree that giving to others is a good thing.

Whether it be finding that special cookware for your bride-to-be's niece, deciding if your mother would better appreciate a birthday cake made out of ice cream or red velvet, or racing to the office party just in time for secret Santa, the entire process of sharing with those around us holds a cherished place in the human psyche.

Unfortunately, this place can be one-sided. While the giving experience is a wonderful thing in the aforementioned scenarios, it might also be something quite different.

Say your daughter informs you that she is having a baby, and expects you to share in the joy. As a rational agent, however, you are disgusted. Why?

She was knocked up by her shiftless high school boyfriend, shoulders staggering debt from college, cannot find, substantive, employment, plans to send her child straight to the welfare, rolls, then demands that you house, feed, and emotionally support her ---- not to mention the infant-in-progress, as well as its father; only when he is in the picture, though.

Your daughter seethes over your reaction. She claims that all parents wish to be grandparents eventually, and you are being afforded this gift earlier than expected. Why are you being so ungrateful? You do not need to retire. Money set aside for Florida can finance your new lifestyle.

Amid a society such as our own, all of us likely know people who fit this scenario. While the precise details may not match, the core of the story does. As might be imagined, this tale continues.

Thankfully, you discover that your daughter's pregnancy is not far along. It can legally be aborted, and cash is no problem. She refuses. Several of her friends have illegitimate offspring, which is cool these days. Besides, deep down she thinks abortion is immoral thanks to that Christian church and K-12 school you sent her to.

Talk about money down the drain.

You ask how she squares anti-abortion religiosity with her out-of-wedlock pregnancy. She claims no answer is necessary as only Jesus can judge her.

As the months drag on, you learn her boyfriend is not simply shiftless, but has suffered from assorted mental pathologies his entire life. This fellow's forebears are identically stricken. They were institutionalized way back when, but after Ronnie Reagan cut some funds, these folks were left to roam free.

Before you stand three generations of imbeciles. Your grandchild, fetal screening indicates, will establish the fourth. You plead with your daughter to consider adoption, but she scoffs. Her boyfriend has told her that the more children she has, the more Uncle Sam pays her. Darling dearest can even get a tax credit funded by, of all people, you!

At your wits end, you wonder how things collapsed so quickly. Could anything have prevented this gift that keeps on giving?

Yes: Buck v. Bell.

This landmark 1927 Supreme Court decision is often derided. The ruling allows government agencies to, under select conditions, compulsively sterilize people in public custody. These folks must be afflicted with genetic mental disorder, properly diagnosed, and held subject to due process.

In 1942, Skinner v. Oklahoma, required that mandatory sterilization be applied equally under the law. No loopholes can excuse a 'better class' of convict. Hardly disagreeable from my outlook.

By the early 1980s, compulsory vasectomies and tubal ligations had fallen out of public favor. The socially-concocted personal 'right' to do whatever one pleases trumped the legally-definable individual right to freedom at one's own expense; not that of others.

Since various states ended their sterilization programs, median IQ has fallen steadily. Public assistance rates have skyrocketed. Illegitimacy is at an all-time high. Have so many people ever endured mental problems?

America, comprehensively speaking, is in decline.

An old-fashioned, Buck v. Bell, revival, with a heaping of grace from, Skinner v. Oklahoma, is what will save our nation's spirit. Without guidance from our better judicial angels, the good old US of A can do nothing less than descend into hell-on-Earth.

The post-gay liberation civil rights cause should be civilization itself. Preserving, protecting, and promoting it ought to motivate every sound mind under the stars and stripes.,


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