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In Need Of A Beer Summit Following Assault Of Fox News Correspondent

In Need Of A Beer Summit Following Assault Of Fox News Correspondent

By Rick Jensen

This is the moment for Americans to see if President Obama does represent "all of the people" in this country as he has claimed. His actions over the next few days will give you a solid indication.

We have seen Obama take extraordinary public measures to convince us that he's working to bring resolution to all sides of public individual abuses. Of course, these are incidents reported by the press, unlike the recent beating of a Fox News correspondent by union thugs protesting Michigan's new "Right to Work" law.

Take the racial "beer summit" event, for example.An African-American Harvard professor is arrested by a white police officer responding to a 911 call for disorderly conduct.The officer completed his investigation, determined the professor was indeed an innocent resident and tried to leave.Unfortunately, the professor continued his loud verbal abuse of the officer outside his residence, ignoring warnings of disorderly conduct.President Obama called the officer "stupid" and enjoyed a "teachable" photo op at the White House.An investigation determined the officer performed his duty properly.

When a D.C. "reproductive rights" activist successfully inserted herself into the national healthcare debate, she was lampooned by a nationally syndicated radio host.President Obama took the extraordinary photo-op measure of calling Ms. Fluke and defending her as she was presented as "a 23 year-old student," then "a 30 year-old law student," then revealed as a liberal Democratic Party activist.

Now, President Obama has a real opportunity to prove he is sincerely President "for all people."While covering "Right to Work" protests in Michigan, Fox News correspondent Steve Crowder was physically beaten by union thugs for the crime of doing his job and protecting a woman inside a tent being pummeled by union protesters.The tent was the property of Americans for Prosperity, a group peacefully handing out literature supporting "Right to Work" laws.

Fox News and Americans for Prosperity are certainly not on the President's team, yet they do represent a significant number of Americans.And while Obama supports the unions opposing "Right to Work" laws, the violence brought to the street by a few union thugs perpetuates the false image of all union members as violent animals, enthusiastically beating and maiming people with different views.It is true there are too many, though, perhaps encouraged by Michigan State Democratic Rep. Douglas Geiss, commanding on the House floor before the Right to Work vote, "There will be blood, there will be repercussions."

It's time for another beer summit, Mr. President.You failed to prove you represent all of the people when you ignored a black man beaten by SEIU union punks because he had the audacity to speak up against Obamacare outside a St. Louis town hall meeting.This time, invite AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka, Rep. Douglas Geiss and Steve Crowder to outline a new union marketing plan to make sure all union members get the message that all Americans have the right to free speech.

Publicly reiterate your own words, Mr. President, to "make sure that we are talking with each other in a way that heals, not a way that wounds" directly to Mr. Trumka.

Anything less, Mr. President, is your silent confession to representing only those Americans who elect you, agree with you and support you with words and fists.


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