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Martha's Big Adventure - Water Water Everywhere

Martha's Big Adventure — Water, Water Everywhere

By Martha Randolph Carr

There's nothing like a good routine to set my entire world humming with a feeling like everything is alright. Sure, that's a little bit because I can tell myself that something I've chosen to do is right and therefore I'm on the right track. That's connected to my notion that if I'm on that magic path, surely all of my dreams will then come true and in an orderly and timely fashion. It's my favorite daydream.

I have a few other moving parts to this dream. There are different types that are broken down into long-term, short-term and very basic. The very basic is the scenario that never has me fighting over a refrigerator box to gain shelter.

The long-term dreams of fame, fortune and the right guy who is age-appropriate and gainfully employed take time, faith and some footwork. I get that and I have a lot of patience around those, for the most part. There are a few times I've prayed to God like He was the drive-up window at a fast food restaurant and I was starving and down to my last two bucks. Fortunately, I can usually manage to get back to what I'm supposed to be doing and find a little gratitude in the meantime.

The third category is the one that's full of the majority that life has to offer. It's not the dramatic highs or lows but a general hope that there are no big hitches in my beloved daily routine. The toilet doesn't overflow just as I'm about to leave for work or the guy in front of me on the highway doesn't bumper-tap the driver in front of him at a light, inspiring a brawl.

Or like the ongoing saga in my 1920's era apartment building with the pipes that lead directly to my shower. Water pressure matters to me. One of the first things I did when looking for an apartment was turn on the shower to see if there was any pressure. It's a pet peeve of mine to be stuck with paltry water flow and never quite feel like I took a shower.

However, over the past couple of months that beloved water pressure has slowly gone downhill. Plumbers have stopped by and fiddled with things but to no avail. Yesterday, there was another valiant effort that resulted in no water at all. Now, they're talking about tearing out the wall and seeing what's behind it. That means I'm without any kind of shower and without any kinds of answers about when that will change.

These are the things that can drive us to distraction if we let them and seep into the rest of our day, causing one problem to latch on to other things until a sour mood follows us everywhere. A woe-is-me attitude that some people wear as a kind of suit everywhere they go. It's another form of trying to be right all the time, even if it's about what's just not right.

There was a time in my life that I loved being right, as often as possible, and a lot of the time it was about whatever I had decided wasn't to my liking. Imagine the opportunity I had after working all day and faced with no shower.

Fortunately, my neighbor, Matt the pilot, who lives just across the hall where the water pressure is going gangbusters, not only offered his shower but gave me keys to his place when he's out of town. He even asked if I needed a towel.

There are so many times in life that don't exactly turn out the way we had hoped but if we're paying attention, it's possible to see that we're taken care of and if we can be grateful, are even funny. Trying to time my departure to not run into my other neighbors while carrying my things with wet hair is one of those moments.

That magic path has always been full of u-turns, dead ends and giant potholes but the people who populate that road with me make the journey worthwhile. I've never actually been very good at creating a routine life anyway. More adventures to follow. Tweet me @MarthaRandolph with your magic path. Email Martha at

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