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Immigration Advocates Hit New Low on Capital Hill

Immigration Advocates Hit New Low on Capitol Hill

By Joe Guzzardi

The latest news in the never-ending battle between American patriots and immigration extremists is more stomach-turning than the most grizzled political observer could ever have imagined.

After a weekend of nationwide marches and demonstrations, on October 8 pro-amnesty radicals led by House Minority leader Nancy Pelosi rallied at Washington's National Mall. When it comes to immigration reform, grandstanding events are common. Dating back to 2003, some members of Congress sworn to uphold United States' laws and defend American citizens, have futilely tried to win votes for comprehensive immigration reform, essentially representing the interests of foreign nationals.

Organizers predicted hundreds of thousands would turn out. As usual, they erred. Best estimates put the crowd size at 10,000 with many leaving immediately after the popular Latino band Los Tigres del Norte, also publicly committed to amnesty, finished its act.

Pursuing the same failed strategy for a decade calls into question the organizers' wisdom. This year's event, however, had unique, ugly twists to it. The protest took place on the National Mall which because of the government shut down has been closed since October 1. Earlier in the week, the National Park Service blocked World War II veterans, many of them in wheelchairs, from entering the mall. The NPS is still barring tourists from the open air site. The White House's message: American war heroes and law abiding citizens are banned from the mall while illegal immigrants will be accommodated regardless. Taxpaying John Q. Public isn't allowed to walk his family through the mall but immigration advocates can set up a massive platform with microphones, three large screen televisions and foghorns to stage political theater in pursuit of its subversive agenda.

Nauseating sideshows were the order of the day. Pelosi thanked the illegal immigrant crowd for "making America more American" and led the "si se puede" chanting.

Capitol Hill police arrested 8 U.S. House Representatives and 200 other immigrants. They were charged with "crowding, obstructing and incommoding." For future reference, readers should memorize the representative's names: Georgia's John Lewis, Minnesota's Keith Ellison, Illinois' Luis Gutierrez and Jan Schakowsky, Arizona's Raul Grijalva, New York's Charles Rangel and Joseph Crowley, and Texas' Al Green.

The carnival atmosphere keeps buried the devastating effect amnesty would have on American workers. Legalization would give instant work authorization to 11 million illegal immigrants and allow them to compete with 20 million unemployed Americans including Hispanics, blacks, Asians, the disabled and returning veterans.

During the rally, D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray took the stage to announce that he wants to give driver's licenses to the district's illegal immigrants. When asked how that policy would help his city's 20 percent black unemployment rate, more than twice the white rate, Gray changed the subject.

I'll answer for Gray. Issuing driver's licenses, granting other entitlements or, more important, legalizing illegal immigrants would punish Americans by making their bad employment situation worse. Licenses allow aliens to drive to jobs they're not legally authorized to hold. Entitlements like licenses, medical care and discounted university tuition serve as beacons to those who may be considering coming to the United States illegally. For them, the reward offsets the risk.

The D.C. protests represented a wonderful opportunity to detain and deport thousands who knowingly broke American laws. Such an action would have sent the message that, no matter what the outcome of the current congressional amnesty debate may be, the U.S. will always enforce its immigration laws. Instead, the administration promoted civil disobedience and encouraged anti-American sentiment.

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