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This Time Around Let's Not Be Stupid

This time Around Let's Not be So Stupid

Making Sense

By Michael Reagan

Hillary Clinton's assault on president Bush's economic policies is a dead giveaway to the fact that she's going after the Democrat presidential nomination next year -- not in 2008 as all the so-called experts have been predicting.

It's obvious that she looked at the carnival of fools now in the running, and recognized just what fools they are. And she's right -- they are a bunch of fools and none of them have any chance of beating George W. Bush next year.

Then she had a second thought: that she and her husband still control the Democrat party, and if they control the Democrat party, they therefore control the purse strings. They can tie up campaign money and starve the others out of the running.

She believes that since she and Bill have beaten one Bush before, back in 1992, they can beat another one in 2004 by using the same issues: it's the economy stupid. What the people in Connecticut saw the other night in her speech was basically the first announcement of her 2004 presidential campaign.

It's important to understand that what she had to say about the economy was 180 degrees wrong -- she simply doesn't have the facts right. But then, with her, that's nothing new.

All you have to do us look at her claim that this is the worst economy since Hoover. Just take a look at the economy when Herbert Hoover was around and look at the economy today. She ignores the fact that the economy is growing at a rate of 1.6 percent. Now considering that we had planes flying into the World Trade Center, planes going into the ground in Pennsylvania, planes crashing into the Pentagon, the SARS epidemic, how the fear factor has killed travel, how hard it is to get through the airport restrictions -- all of which has crippled the airlines -- when you consider all of this which the President has had to deal with since he came into office two years ago, the fact that we're still growing at 1.6 percent, demands that the man should be applauded instead of being denigrated by the likes of Hillary and her party.

The fight now is over whether we get the $726 Billion tax cut, or the $350 billion.

Americans should take a close look at the numbers. Over the next 10 years the government will take in $27.9 trillion in tax revenue. President Bush wants Americans to have a $726 billion tax cut, which would mean that the government that would be still getting $27.2 trillion. What these serial spendthrifts are saying is that they can't survive on $27.2 trillion over the next ten years.

The President has already given us $350 billion, so let's look at the other $376 billion. The Democrats don't plan to take that $376 billion the President wants to give back to us and use it to reduce the deficit as they claim -- their plan is to take it and give us socialized medicine -- Hillary's discredited national health care plan. They don't want to save the money. They want to spend on their own socialistic programs.

If the Democrats would only cut spending by a mere 1.4 percent that would be the other $376 billion. They are unwilling, as they were in the 1980s with my father, and as they are now in 2003 with this President, to give any cuts at all, because they believe their programs are better ways to spend our money than we believe we can spend it.

When you get right down to it, the Democrats don't want the economy to get better because it is their only issue, so they will fight, they will bite, they will scratch, they will dig in their heels to make sure the President doesn't get any of his domestic policies through so they can use that to win the election in 2004. They want the economy flat on its face by then.

I just hope this time the American people aren't so stupid.

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