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Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day!

By Martha Randolph Carr

I'd like to tweak this holiday just a little. Instead of celebrating who gave birth to you, let's celebrate the women in your life who have nurtured you. Might be the same women, might also include a few more.Take a moment to send a card this week to the woman who has cheered on every career move you've made but has convenient memory losses over which ideas actually worked or just how many times you've gone out there and tried and come home, hat in hand. Their enthusiasm is unwavering.

Or, send a card to the woman who has sat in the audience during your attempt at a poetry reading, stood on the sidelines and cheered as you ran by at your first marathon (and then moved their spot toward the end of the race and cheered just as much three hours later) or sat in the audience of your first sales pitch applauding at all the right moments. And that last one is after they already heard you practice that same pitch in their kitchen.

Pick out a good one for the woman who has edited your term papers late at night after you procrastinated for the two weeks you might have been writing and caught that typo that said the ozone layer was depleted by 'arousal' instead of 'aerosol' and didn't even chuckle at your expense.

Spend the four bucks on the really good cards, and quit your belly-aching about made up holidays, for the woman who has insisted on having you over for dinner, made enough for five and insisted you take the leftovers when your fridge was empty and the next payday was still a few days away. Somehow, they knew but never mentioned it and made up some excuse about not knowing how to cut down that recipe.

Pick out a funny card, and not the insulting ones with the old lady, for the woman who has consistently looked thrilled to see you and always announces to the crowd your latest achievement, making it sound truly monumental. Even you were a little more impressed with yourself after hearing what she had to say.

Or the woman who drove you to a job interview and waited anxiously outside for the news because your car had a sudden flat and there was no time to fix it. There they sat, no makeup and no breakfast, because they threw something on and came running. No questions asked. And when you came out so excited, joined in and when you came out feeling defeated were able to quickly list three reasons why you didn't want this job and three ways you could search for another one.

Each of these women is giving you their time unconditionally because of how much they believe in you and they are genuinely impressed that a creature so wonderful exists in their life. Their unflagging enthusiasm says to each of us that they expect success for us because how could life offer anything else to someone so gifted?

Trying something new and risky can be scary and we just might fail on a really grand scale and yet, there they stand, cheering us on, pitching in where they can and without even a hint of a doubt. It made it just a little easier to keep trying, didn't it?

If you find yourself buying a dozen cards let a sense of gratitude flow through your veins that your life has been graced by so many good women. So far, I'm up to ten cards. Now, here's another unexpected payoff for you. No matter what list you're carrying around in your head of what's going wrong in your life it's time to let it go and start to notice what each of these women has been pointing out for years. You've got some good stuff to offer the world. That's been their amazing gift to you all of these years. Your card is a little thank you note to them for seeing it first. More adventures to follow.

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