Our Caglecast Videos Let Readers Meet the Cartoonists Behind the Political Cartoons in YOUR Paper!

Free and Easy!

Our video podcasts are FREE for you to run in the Opinion section of YOUR newspaper’s Web site along with your editorial cartoons. Readers will have a richer experience by getting to know the cartoonists behind the drawings! These are the cartoonists who already run in your paper! They are already familiar to your readers!

Our cartoonists are witty; they show and describe their cartoons; they share their creative process and discuss the issues in the news. Our “Caglecast” video podcasts are fun!

Nothing tricky is going on Here!

There are no third parties involved and no advertising. We serve the podcasts ourselves on our own Cagle Cartoons servers; the videos appear to be a part of YOUR site; they play on a page on your site and don’t contain links to direct readers off of your site. Would you like to offer a subscription to the Caglecast for readers to get notifications when new videos are posted? You can do that on your site, and the email address list you collect is in YOUR hands!


The videos are easy to install on your site! Just paste our embed code in place and they will play in place and automatically update with new content. Cagle Cartoons is your trusted syndicated content provider for 23 years and many hundreds of newspapers run our cartoons! Put our code on the page and never deal with it again; it takes care of itself.

Expand your reach to a new audience!

Editorial cartoons are part of state mandated AP History testing in 8th and 11th grade where students have to write an essay interpreting what the artist means with his editorial cartoon. We license the cartoons to the testing services and to the textbooks for teachers who “teach to the test”. The most frequent email the cartoonists get is “Dear Mr. Cartoonist, please explain the cartoon to me. My paper is due tomorrow.” Let local Social Studies teachers know about your new video resource and the students will be visiting your Web site to do their homework! It is a great way to get young people to visit your newspaper’s site! Make the kids into fans and they will keep coming back!

Why are we doing this?

We believe that when readers better know the cartoonists they will be more loyal fans and our cartoons will be more valuable content for your newspaper. We want our art form to survive and we’re confident that when readers know us, they will love us. Our goal is to make our content more valuable to you.

Look at how it works on this page!

You can see the video below, running the same embed code that you will use on your own site. Try it, click on the controls for different functions like closed captioning, foreign language sub-titles, social links, playback speed, expand view and more. Notice how these functions don’t take readers off of the site. That’s how it works! And it updates with new videos automatically when we make new videos –it requires no maintenance on your part.

Want to run it? Here’s the code!

Paste the code on your page where you want it, and it runs. As simple as that.

Email us to let us know that you will be running the Caglecast on your site.