Good news from Texas

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Making Sense By Michael Reagan

McAllen, Texas, woke up this week.

After 150-some years of electing only Democrats, a predominantly Latino congressional district in the Rio Grande Valley shocked the Democrat Party and the liberal media on Tuesday by choosing a Republican.

Mayra Flores, who won the special election, is an attractive Mexican-born woman married to a border patrol agent.

She easily defeated her opponent by pushing family values and Republican issues like border insecurity, soaring inflation and high gas prices.

Flores showed that Latinos – who are mostly middle-class, hardworking, conservative and family-oriented – are getting less and less fond of the Democratic Party all the time.

She proved that like the majority of Americans, Latinos have had enough of Joe Biden’s “Wreck America” policies, which in less than two years have sabotaged the world’s strongest economy, got us into a proxy war against Russia in Ukraine and made Jimmy Carter look like he was not the last century’s most incompetent president.

Flores’ win in Texas was good news for Republicans.

But for California and the rest of America, thanks to the Biden-Pelosi Democrats, the news this week is dismal-as-usual.

California still has gas prices in the mid-$6 range per gallon and spiking crime rates.

It also has a major drought in the Los Angeles area caused by a lousy government water management policy.

And, most sadly, it still has Gov. Gavin Newsom who, despite his authoritarian COVID-19 mandates, bad judgment and unlikeable personality, will probably be reelected this fall.

Newsom is a poster boy for Democrat politicians whose everyday lives are unaffected by the awful decisions they have been making for decades.

He’s a wealthy elitist who will never feel the pain of $6-a-gallon gasoline or the decimation of his 401(k).

He’ll never have to do without chicken or beef – or a private plane or armed 24/7 security.

And no one in his family will ever have to do what my son Cameron is doing now – stocking up on infant formula for the baby he and his wife expect in December.

The California that Newsom and his liberal predecessors have created is a mini version of the green, crazy and dysfunctional America that the Biden-Pelosi-AOC Democrats in Washington are desperately trying to shove down our throats.

President Biden has tried to blame all the problems he and his party have caused for America on Republicans, Donald Trump and everyone’s favorite villain, Vladimir Putin.

I agree Putin is a bad and dangerous man. And his invasion of Ukraine has added to the rise of oil, gas and wheat prices around the world.

But last I heard, Putin has not been blowing up our oil wells in Texas or hoarding tampons.

While Biden’s attempt to punish Putin and Russia with economic sanctions has not worked, it’s the American people who’ve have been suffering.

Empty store shelves, shortages of basics, inflation, high interest rates …. It’s starting to look like 1979 America again under Jimmy Carter.

Under Carter we had high inflation, high unemployment and double-digit interest rates.

We had long lines at gas stations, too, but we didn’t have empty shelves and we still could go to a store and find baby formula and meat.

The people of California and the rest of America are being tortured by the same set of bad ideas and policies dreamed up by Democrats who are hopelessly out of touch with the people they represent – especially Latinos like the ones in Texas who elected Mayra Flores.

Flores will have to defend her seat in November when her district is combined with another district that has a strong Democrat incumbent, but her victory is a hopeful sign that the Red wave we expect this fall will flush Democrats out of power in some surprising places.

The only other good news this week for America’s future is laughable – Dr. Fauci proved that the virus is no longer the virus of the unvaccinated.

Copyright 2022 Michael Reagan, distributed exclusively by Cagle Cartoons newspaper syndicate.

Michael Reagan, the son of President Ronald Reagan, is an author, speaker and president of the Reagan Legacy Foundation. Send comments to [email protected] and follow @reaganworld on Twitter.