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Election choices: Top ten cartoons of the week
December 7, 2023 by Daryl Cagle
We're about a month away from the first votes in the Republican primary being cast in Iowa, and it's safe to say the country isn't very excited about the likely choices for president...
Has the Party of Reagan become the Party of Quitters?
December 7, 2023 by Michael Reagan
Making Sense by Michael Reagan Monica Crowley summed up the sad state of the Republican Party perfectly this week in a single tweet. “Kevin McCarthy is leaving this month. “This will leave the GOP with a ONE-SEAT majority...
The continued hypocrisy of so-called family values conservatives
December 7, 2023 by Elwood Watson
Do as I say, not as I do. Recent reports that Christian Ziegler, the husband of Moms for Liberty co-founder Bridget Ziegler, is under police investigation in Sarasota, Fla...
Chris Christie’s quixotic quest to talk sense to Republicans
December 7, 2023 by Dick Polman
You rarely see the names Chris Christie and Kris Kristofferson in the same sentence, but some of the songwriter’s most famous lyrics best describe the quixotic candidate’s current shtick: “Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose..
TV news puts its trust in women
December 6, 2023 by Peter Funt
Apple TV’s “The Morning Show,” which recently ended its third season, offers a melodramatic mishmash of media and current events, yet manages to get one thing right: It depicts women as the new faces of television news...
Israelis Defend Fired Cartoonist
December 5, 2023 by Daryl Cagle
The editorial cartoonist community is global, but it’s a tight knit group. That’s what happened with the firing of the great Steve Bell, formerly of the British newspaper The Guardian...
The end of the Republican Party
December 5, 2023 by Elwood Watson
Waterloo. The Titanic. For many, there is a deep-seated sentiment the party of Abraham Lincoln is coming apart at the seams and imploding at Armageddon-like speed...
How to restore the gift of giving
December 4, 2023 by Tom Purcell
Here’s an unpleasant holiday statistic: Average Americans are giving significantly less to their favorite charities this year than they did just four or five years ago...
House gives traitorous Mayorkas a free pass
December 4, 2023 by Joe Guzzardi
Even the lowest hanging fruit is beyond the hapless Grand Old Party’s reach...
I’ve tried to warm up to the pope, but he’s left us behind
December 4, 2023 by Christine Flowers
On March 13, 2013, Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Argentina was elected by the College of Cardinals to succeed Jozef Ratzinger as pope. There was a great deal of celebration and expectation at his elevation to the papacy, including from this columnist...
Holiday Malaise: Top Ten cartoons of the Week
November 30, 2023 by Daryl Cagle
You know what's fun about the holidays? Chris Weyant captured the frustration of holiday travel in a funny cartoon that was popular among editors...
Taking a pass on the not-so-great debate
November 30, 2023 by Michael Reagan
Making Sense by Michael Reagan Excuse me for skipping the great debate Thursday night between the governors of Florida and California. Anyway, I’ve already suffered enough political pain in the last few months...
Judge says Trump ‘engaged in an insurrection’ before making a curious ruling
November 30, 2023 by Dick Polman
If you’re looking for fresh evidence how we’re sleepwalking toward fascism, look no further than the pre-holiday court ruling which decreed that even though Donald Trump is an insurrectionist who “acted with the specific intent to incite polit..
Would you like to sleep through Christmas?
November 29, 2023 by Danny Tyree
Tyrades! I’m sure I saw the program at least once, but my niece Claire used to drive her parents to distraction by insisting on seeing the VHS tape of “Chris’mus Bear!..
Biden continues to face political headwinds
November 28, 2023 by Carl Golden
Stung by a succession of high profile polls showing President Joe Biden trailing former president Donald Trump among crucial swing state voters, the White House and its allies in Congress have scrambled to calm jittery nerves and reassure donors and..
Trump words speak to the dark side of his supporters
November 28, 2023 by Elwood Watson
Donald Trump is telling us he's a threat to democracy...
Neighbors, start your Christmas lights!
November 28, 2023 by Jase Graves
Each year the weekend after Thanksgiving, I sense an innate urge to risk life, limb and public humiliation by festooning the exterior of our home with several hundred C9 incandescent lights...
Tips for Out of Control Tipping
November 28, 2023 by Tom Purcell
Tipping demands sure have gotten out of control. On one hand you feel guilted into leaving a tip, because the person who just rang up your purchase is staring directly at you...
Thankfulness from another continent
November 27, 2023 by Christine Flowers
I wrote this column in view of the Arno River, celebrated in operas, paintings and literature. It’s only the second time in 61 years I wasn't sitting around a table with family and friends, giving thanks...
Thanksgiving leftovers: Top ten cartoons of the week
November 24, 2023 by Daryl Cagle
Thanksgiving has come and gone, and that means one thing – leftovers. I also chuckled at Dave Whamond's cartoon about family dysfunction during the holidays, featuring all your favorite Star Wars characters. Rick McKee [download cartoon] #2...
Have you ever caused a scene?
November 22, 2023 by Danny Tyree
Tyrades! The retailer encourages the police to help fight inventory “shrinkage,” but insists on “handcuffing” the officers into staging low-key, out-of-sight, super-discreet interactions with the alleged criminals...
Congress needs to take action, or your taxes will be going up
November 21, 2023 by Peter Roff
The latest data suggests a drop in energy prices may have tamed the inflation monster. What people think and what the data shows don’t always sync up...
Trump as a “Cartoon Hitler”
November 21, 2023 by Daryl Cagle
I don’t pretend to know if Donald Trump actually wants to throw his enemies in prison, overthrow our democracy and set up a Trumpocracy that will make America great again, again...
The Confederate flag remains a symbol of hate
November 21, 2023 by Elwood Watson
Recently, I was heading home from a local coffeehouse. Two men were sitting in the back of the truck, and one of them proceeded to yell at me, “Do you see this flag?..
The delicious history of pumpkin pie
November 21, 2023 by Tom Purcell
I love pumpkin pie. My mother’s pumpkin pie has a thick, fluffy crust. Lucky for me, I’ve enjoyed her unique pumpkin pie experience for many years and will do so again this Thursday. According to History...
Fed Up? Yes. Nasty? No.
November 20, 2023 by Peter Funt
If you listen to pollsters and politicians, or consume heavy doses of social media and cable-TV news, you might come away thinking the nation is in a collective bad mood...
Indi Gregory’s death just another step toward a callous society
November 20, 2023 by Christine Flowers
About six years ago, there was a little boy named Charlie Gard. At every turn they were stymied because the nihilistic powers that be in the U. determined that his life was not worth the effort.. And even there, comfort, hope and relief were denied...
Groundhog Day: Top ten cartoons of the week
November 17, 2023 by Daryl Cagle
The government once again flirted with a government shutdown this week, with Democrats once again bailing out Republicans to pass a short-term spending bill to get us past the holidays...
President Xi makes our homeless disappear
November 16, 2023 by Michael Reagan
Making Sense by Michael Reagan Here in sunny Los Angeles, it’s raining. It might have helped firefighters put out the enormous fire under the 10 Freeway near downtown before the heat weakened the pillars and forced the highway to be closed...