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This Creepy Little Elf Doesn’t Celebrate My Holiday
December 5, 2021 by Christine Flowers
Lately, I’ve started seeing all the usual Christmas decorations, books, gift suggestions, articles, foods and complaints about all the usual Christmas decorations, books, gift suggestions, articles, and foods...
Thank God, Mom Didn’t Think Like ‘Dr. Sotomayor’
December 2, 2021 by Michael Reagan
Making Sense by Michael Reagan The world is still COVID crazy. Now we have omicron – a new variant of still unknown infectiousness and lethality that overnight panicked the world’s governments and stock markets...
What, Exactly, Will Get You Fired From CNN?
December 2, 2021 by Rich Manieri
I’ve never been fired from a job, which I’m sure will now trigger calls from a portion of the readership for my immediate ouster. I attribute this largely to my ability to make myself useful. Call it misguided confidence. “I’ll do it!..
Four More Children Dead, and a Nation Shrugs
December 2, 2021 by John L. Micek
Families in Michigan will set an empty place at the table this holiday season in the wake of the mass shooting at Oxford High School that left four children dead and seven more injured...
A Guy Never Forgets His First Car
December 2, 2021 by Peter Funt
The other day, Otis, the used car dealer, pulled out a wad of bills and handed my son two crisp C-notes. Danny purchased his car from Otis years earlier with $3,000 saved from two summers of maintenance work at the local golf course...
Why Conservative Media Didn’t Latch on to the Ahmaud Arbery Case
December 2, 2021 by Elwood Watson
More than a week has transpired since three Georgia men were convicted in the murder of Ahmaud Arbery. "An almost all-white jury found these white defendants guilty of murder," Page Pate, a Georgia lawyer, told NBC News...
There’s No Cure For Covidiocy
December 1, 2021 by Dick Polman
If only I had a magic wand, I would henceforth consign all conspiracy freaks and vaccine refuseniks (78 million in number) to some distant desert isle where they could breathe free upon each other until God sorts them out. I suspect you are, too...
Enemies Among Us
December 1, 2021 by Joe Guzzardi
Only the most willfully obtuse on Capitol Hill would deny that the Biden administration’s neglect of wide-open borders might lead to a national security crisis.. Distance isn’t a deterrent....
How About a Newspaper Subscription for Christmas?
December 1, 2021 by Danny Tyree
Tyrades! My mother’s boss passed away, so I no longer got to peruse his morning paper. I still had the local gossip grapevine, radio newscasts and TV anchor David Brinkley. And, oh, the taunting from the family dog!..
O Christmas Tree Shortage
November 30, 2021 by Jase Graves
Just Say No To Unaffordable Spending
November 29, 2021 by Tom Purcell
I wish I had a change of heart, but I still can’t support it. According to the Washington Times, Robert Davi, a tough-guy Hollywood actor, and then Rep. attempted something back then that tough guys and conservative Republicans don’t often do....
Arbery Case: Three Men Who Decided To Play God
November 28, 2021 by Christine Flowers
Ahmaud Arbery is not here, but he heard the verdicts...
Hang In There, America, and Give Thanks
November 24, 2021 by Michael Reagan
Making Sense by Michael Reagan The other day, I ran into someone who was too discouraged to give thanks for much of anything. I admit I found it hard to disagree with him. Inflation is spiking. So have crime rates and drug ODs and suicides...
Noise Pollution, an Overpopulation-Related Health Crisis
November 24, 2021 by Joe Guzzardi
Overpopulation’s negative consequences are well-known to the nation’s environmentalists. International researchers have concluded that too many people also creates a level of noise pollution that brings with it serious health problems...
John-Boy, Has Christmas Eve Become Groundhog Day?
November 24, 2021 by Danny Tyree
Tyrades! Since my mother is an antique collector and regales everyone with tales of growing up during “hard times,” and since many of my ancestors came from Virginia, it’s certainly PLAUSIBLE that I got in on the ground floor of Earl Hamner Jr...
Kyle Rittenhouse is the New Darling of the Right
November 23, 2021 by Elwood Watson
Not guilty on all counts. last year. Witnessing the numerous acts of deference toward the defense by Judge Bruce E. He forbade the prosecution from calling the three men Rittenhouse shot “victims,” referring to it as a “loaded term...
A Tradition To Be Thankful For
November 22, 2021 by Tom Purcell
I love pumpkin pie — but not just any pumpkin pie. It’s a Purcell family tradition, after all, and tradition is the reason Thanksgiving is my favorite American holiday. According to History...
Treat All Instances of Hatred and Bias Equally
November 22, 2021 by Christine Flowers
About a month ago, I was traveling on the subway in Philadelphia when I was attacked by a young African-American male in a hoodie, who was angry that I was filming him after he’d punched me in the head moments before...
The Yahoos of Kenosha
November 18, 2021 by Michael Reagan
Making Sense by Michael Reagan On Thursday afternoon, as the country was still awaiting the decision on the Kyle Rittenhouse murder trial, the yahoos outside the courthouse in Kenosha were ready to riot...
Bring Your Stories, Hold Your Complaints
November 18, 2021 by Rich Manieri
I received a letter from prison the other day. Prison – joint, slammer, big house. It has, however, occurred to me, at least based on the email I receive, that some should be...
How Will You Mark the 400th Anniversary of Thanksgiving?
November 17, 2021 by Danny Tyree
Tyrades! This Thanksgiving marks four centuries since the 1621 harvest festival held by the half of the Plymouth Colony that survived that cruel first winter. I’m bobbing for antibiotics!..
Troubling Details of Biden’s Build Back Better Bill Being Hidden
November 16, 2021 by Joe Guzzardi
While a disbelieving nation is focused on the endless border crisis, more immigration sleight of hand is ongoing in Washington. The National Border Patrol Council’s Rio Grande Valley chapter vice president Chris Cabrera told Sen...
When Thanksgiving and Christmas Collide
November 16, 2021 by Jase Graves
These days, we’re all used to walking through retail stores in October and dodging Christmas displays of inflatable Baby Yoda yard art while we’re still trying to find the perfect Halloween pumpkins to decompose on our front porches...
Give Thanks for Our Blessings, Big and Small
November 16, 2021 by Tom Purcell
Because life is mostly made up of little experiences, occasionally interrupted by big events, it’s easy to take the little things for granted...
Drug Price Controls Would Hurt Seniors
November 14, 2021 by Phil Kerpen
The latest iteration of Build Back Better – the president's multi-trillion-dollar tax-and-spending binge that has been stalled in Congress all year – purports to reduce the cost of prescription drugs via negotiation...
Why Kyle Rittenhouse Should Walk Free
November 14, 2021 by Christine Flowers
If Kyle Rittenhouse is convicted of anything other than, at most, a misdemeanor offense, I will write glowing articles about Nancy Pelosi, make Christine Blasey Ford my social media profile photo, and contribute to NARAL...
Celebrating Freedom and the Vets Who Defended It
November 11, 2021 by Michael Reagan
Making Sense by Michael Reagan Did you and your family celebrate the fall of the Berlin Wall on Tuesday? “The Fall of the Wall” was a geopolitical earthquake in 1989...
Charlottesville Defendants Turn Trial into a Platform for Hate
November 11, 2021 by Dick Polman
Mark Twain, in an unpublished manuscript, once wrote: “It is not worthwhile to try to keep history from repeating itself, for man’s character will always make the preventing of the repetitions impossible...