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Losing sleep over sleep
April 10, 2024 by Alexandra Paskhaver
I’ve spent a lot of time on the couch. Where most children graduate from a little bed to a bigger one, I graduated to one of those foldable couches where you can keep things beneath the seat. I barely feel those tennis rackets...
Biden wrong to oppose Nippon Steel Deal
April 10, 2024 by Phil Kerpen
The state visit by Japan's Prime Minister Fumio Kishida isn't just about tea and photo ops.. The deal is a win-win for American workers and shareholders.. The market roared its approval. Joe Biden's knee-jerk opposition to the deal sent U...
Will you still need me, will you still feed me?
April 10, 2024 by Danny Tyree
Tyrades! (My so-called “good” cholesterol has not exactly overperformed in helping me reach these milestones...
Defending higher education against cynical politics
April 9, 2024 by Elwood Watson
Thanks to the so-called culture wars, debates about events on college campuses are being employed as useful weapons for attacking the gradual democratization that has occurred in higher education since the 1950s...
Outpatient decluttering
April 8, 2024 by Jase Graves
Because I’m a professional practitioner of the pedagogical arts (known in some parts as fancy book learnin’), I’m privileged to enjoy a Spring Break holiday that usually falls during the same week my semi-grown daughters are also out of school..
In tribute to the insight and longevity of Gloria Steinem
April 8, 2024 by Christine Flowers
Gloria Steinem turned 90 years old last month. �� The thinking goes that unless you call yourself a feminist, people will send you back to the kitchen, forcibly impregnate you and hide your shoes. Gloria, however, is not...
A good month to prevent distracted driving
April 8, 2024 by Tom Purcell
“It wasn't my fault the car in front of me hit me. �� “How could the car in front of you hit you? Yet the cops wrote me up for texting while driving!..
Wall Street giddy over mass migration
April 5, 2024 by Joe Guzzardi
A direct relationship exists between high immigration levels and the phone research of pro-expansionists, which insists immigrants are making a significant fiscal contribution to the economy...
Eclipse time: Top ten cartoons of the week
April 4, 2024 by Daryl Cagle
On Monday, a total solar eclipse will cross North America, a momentary break from the bad news we've all be drowning in the past few months. Unfortunately, the eclipse will only last a few hours...
Who’s going to save America’s soul?
April 4, 2024 by Michael Reagan
Making Sense By Michael Reagan Lent is over – and I’m kind of sorry...
Don’t compare Trump’s social media post to Kathy Griffin
April 4, 2024 by Dick Polman
The Bible salesman deemed it a Christian gesture last week to retweet some MAGA moron’s depiction of the president of the United States trussed like a turkey in the back of a manly pickup truck...
One again, Republicans are politicizing a tragedy
April 3, 2024 by Elwood Watson
Leave it to the right to make a cheap attempt to capitalize off human tragedy. Americans across the political spectrum expressed their sorrow and prayers toward the victims and their families...
One for the road
April 3, 2024 by Alexandra Paskhaver
I just finished “Democracy in America,” which is a book by a Frenchman named Alexis de Tocqueville on… well, it’s in the title. Watson of the duo, only without a mustache, sailed to the United States to check out its capital attractions...
Are you a fan of noisy restaurants?
April 3, 2024 by Danny Tyree
Tyrades! According to the article, in 2023, audio data from the app SoundPrint found that 63 percent of restaurants are too loud for conversation...
Born in Baltimore and moved by the bridge disaster
April 1, 2024 by Christine Flowers
I was born in Baltimore at the end of 1961. Both of them were down there on borrowed time: My father was finishing up his last year at the University of Maryland, College Park, and my mother found a job as a bank teller...
Insights from great minds on Taxes
April 1, 2024 by Tom Purcell
Wise and witty thoughts are the only things that bring me any solace during tax-filing season — thoughts, such as these: “The best way to teach your kids about taxes is by eating 30% of their ice cream. The taxidermist takes only your skin...
Trump trials: Top ten cartoons of the week
March 29, 2024 by Daryl Cagle
It's hard to satirize the news and Donald Trump with headlines like, "Ex-president selling bibles to help pay legal cost of porn star hush money trial...
East Palestinians see red over Biden’s politics
March 28, 2024 by Michael Reagan
Making Sense By Michael Reagan This week must have been especially rough for the people still living in the contaminated eastern Ohio town of East Palestine...
NBC News and the folly of the Ronna McDaniel failure
March 27, 2024 by Dick Polman
The welcome announcement arrived at dinnertime, and it was good for digestion...
One point of view
March 27, 2024 by Alexandra Paskhaver
When I hike to the end of a long trail and see a beautiful sunset or a sparkling river, a single thought always occurs to me: did I turn off the oven? They’re trying to get themselves in shape and to get me out of my desk chair...
Ever have a work spouse?
March 27, 2024 by Danny Tyree
Tyrades! (“I fervently believe both Hamas and Putin could be nullified simply by … oooo…fresh Krispy Kremes! ��) And then there are the “work spouses...
Opening Day 1969: ‘The Kid’ returns
March 26, 2024 by Joe Guzzardi
During the spring of 1969, spirits were high in the nation’s capital. Cautious optimism prevailed that newly inaugurated President Richard Nixon would fulfill his campaign promise to end the Southeast Asian war...
Joe ‘It’s not my fault’ Biden
March 26, 2024 by Carl Golden
With President Joe Biden's approval ratings lodged stubbornly on the minus side – some by as much as 30 percent – his re-election campaign team seems to be teetering in the verge of desperation to strike a message and drive a narrative to halt t..
Kamala Harris and the twin evils of ‘Jim Crow and Jane Crow’
March 26, 2024 by Elwood Watson
From the minute President Joe Biden selected her as his running mate, Kamala Harris has been the subject of intense scrutiny. She can hardly sneeze without someone analyzing and dissecting her every move...
Message for my digital goddaughter
March 25, 2024 by Tom Purcell
My 13-year-old goddaughter still can’t understand how telephone busy signals used to work...
Entitled to more than a 20% tip or just entitlement mentality?
March 25, 2024 by Christine Flowers
The other night, I took a friend out for her birthday at an upscale French restaurant. But even perfection has its tics. But this night, I had a problem. He disappeared...
Bad choices: Top ten cartoons of the week
March 21, 2024 by Daryl Cagle
We've know for a long time the 2024 presidential election was likely to come down to Joe Biden vs. Give Chris Weyant credit for coming up with a funny spin on the election with a cartoon featuring a ballot saying the obvious...
Oakland’s tax revolt is a hopeful insurrection
March 21, 2024 by Michael Reagan
Making Sense by Michael Reagan You’d never expect a tax revolt to start in the blue California city of Oakland...
On environmental investing, Main Street speaks and Wall Street responds
March 21, 2024 by Peter Roff
When you’re responsible for other people’s money, mixing it with morality is a mistake. Wall Street learned this the hard way...
The day Republican’s impeachment efforts died
March 21, 2024 by Dick Polman
How delicious it is to sniff the smoking wreckage of the House Republican's fake impeachment probe. Turns out (according to federal court documents) Smirnov has “extensive and extremely recent” ties with “Russian intelligence agencies...