Happy New Year: Top ten cartoons of the week

It’s hard to believe we’ve already arrived at 2024, which will feature the time-honored tradition of the nation’s best cartoonists lampooning a presidential election. Mocking presidential candidates dates all the way back to the election of 1800, when Thomas Jefferson was mocked as a “brandy-soaked anarchist tearing down the pillars of government.”

This week it’s all about ringing in the New Year with another well-worn tradition: cartoons featuring Father Time and Baby New Year. Bruce Plante’s New Year’s cartoon was popular with editors this week, I think because it nails the high stakes we all feel as we look ahead to 2024.

Here are our top ten most reprinted cartoons of the week:

#1. John Darkow

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#2. Bruce Plante

#3. Guy Parsons

#4. Pat Byrnes

#5. Dave Granlund

#6. Jeff Koterba

#7. Monte Wolverton

#8. Gatis Sluka

#9. Gary McCoy

#10. John Darkow


Daryl Cagle is the publisher of Cagle.com and owner of CagleCartoons.com, a syndicate that distributes editorial cartoons and columns to over 500 subscribing newspapers. See Daryl’s blog at DarylCagle.com and watch his video podcast about editorial cartoons at Caglecast.com