Groundhog goofiness: Top ten cartoons of the week

Another year, another Groundhog Day, marked by gullible people trusting a weather forecast spewed by a buck-toothed marmot lacking the ability to speak.

John Darkow’s image of the four-legged furball predicting six more weeks of stupid politics (seems like a safe bet) was easily our most reprinted cartoon of the week.

Editors also enjoyed several cartoons about House Speaker Mike Johnson and many of his fellow Republicans, who are blocking a bipartisan immigration reform bill passed in the Senate because they’re afraid Joe Biden would brag about it on the campaign trail.

Stupid politics, indeed. Here are our top ten most reprinted cartoons of the week:

#1. John Darkow

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#2. R.J. Matson

#3. Jeff Koterba

#4. R.J. Matson

#5. Dave Whamond

#6. Chris Weyant

#7. Dave Whamond

#8. Dave Granlund

#9. Jeff Koterba

#10. Pat Bagley

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